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100408 Campers arriving for JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. South Wales. Man coming towards camera is Donald McClure. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 49k
100461 Evangelistic team beach picnic. Front row: Pastor Kenneth Lacey, Pastor Conroy. Middle row: Nelson H Knight, George Vandeman, Dan Handysides. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 81k
100462 Some of the Vandeman evangelistic team waiting to see the Coronation procession. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 93k
100463 Pastor Reginald Harold Smith. Known as Harry. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 53k
100464 Pastor Kenneth Lacey officiating at a wedding service in the Croydon church. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 103k
100469 1953 Billboard for George Vandeman evangelistic meetings 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 58k
100471 Ben Glanzer, George Vandeman, Tom Bradley and the choir from the London area churches. Higher resolution available. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 69k
100486 Newbold College 1953. Higher resolution available. 1953 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 60k
100490 Newbold College 1953. Higher resolution available. 1953 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 109k
100550 Also avaialable at higher resolution. No information. 1953 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 109k
100073 Scottish-Irish Youth Camp held in July 1953 at Strone Youth Hostel, Holy Loc, h Argyll, Scotland. Also available in higher resolution. First row: Leona Minchin (Gulley?) secretary to Ron Vince. 9th=Rosemary Nicholson. Second row: 6th=Denzil Houston, ... , Verna Houston, .. , Keith Madgwick, .. , Bernard Kinman. Third row: Jack Mahon ,....... , Mrs J J Craven, Pastor Ron Vince, BUC Youth director. Fourth row: .. , Maisie Beavan, Mona Craven, John Dorland.
The following information was supplied by Ross Kennedy: "Bible worker Jean Cowan is also pictured as is Mrs Ann Gulland (camp cook) who was the manager of the Granose Shop and Restuarant in Edinbugh. Groups from Denmark, South England and Wales also attended the camp. Youngsters came from Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, Belfast and Dublin." 
1953 BUC 004 

100099 Youth camp. Picture quality not good. Charlie & Kathleen Watson in the picture somewhere. 1954 R Surridge - private collection 102k
100101 BUC Executive Committee about 1954. Information from Fretson and Dorothy Taylor. Front row: 1 John A.MacMillan -(VOP) grandfather of Paul Lockham, father of Paulina Rinta-Aho; 2 John H Bayliss - SEC President; 3 Dr Walter I Smith (information from Dr David Penner) 4 Pastor W Worsley Armstrong - BUC President; 5 Nelson H Knight - BUC Treasurer; 6 Pastor Oscar M Dorland - Welsh President, grandfather of Victor Hulbert, father of Mrs Edgar Hulbert; 7 Pastor Bernard F Kinman - Education. Second row: 1 Pastor Matt Murdoch - Scottish President, father of Megan Riskowitz; 2 Pastor Edwin H. Foster - NEC President, his mother was the (twin?) sister of the mother of A H Lethbridge; 3 Pastor C Ronald Bonney - Radio; 4 A H Lethbridge - see E H Foster above; 5 George Norris - Granose; 6 A W Cooke - Colporteurs, father of Zena and Nigella; 7 Pastor Charles D Watson - Youth, married Kathleen Emm; 8 Pastor Jack Mahon. Back row: 1 Joe Craven - Press; 2 Unknown - probably from Ireland; 3 Colin Wilson - Mission Treasurer? 1954 BUC 005 
100161 Handbill from 1954 evangelistic campaign in Birmingham. During the 1954 Birmingham series, attendance reached 1,500, and in three baptisms 101 new members joined the church. The evangelistic team included Kenneth Lacey, Derek Mustow, Audrey Mustow, Brian Pilmoor, L.A.D. Lane, Laura Mason, Irene Kellett and Ruth McGeachie. In 1955 and 1956 a further 70 were baptised, bringing the total for the three evangelistic series to 171. Mid-week studies in Revelation were also offered with an average attendance of 150. 1954 Stephen Lacey - private collection 

100163 Camp Hill Church, Birmingham in 1954. 1954 Stephen Lacey - private collection 100k
100164 Ken Lacey Campaign in Birmingham. Theme: Beyond the Tomb. 1954 Stephen Lacey - private collection 69k
100165 Ken Lacey Campaign in Birmingham. Theme: Survival through Faith. 1954 Stephen Lacey - private collection 79k
100174 Newbold College graduates, 1954. Back row 1st from Left: Ingmar Söderholm, 4th from left Margit Süring. (Information from Ralf Simonsson, June 2004).  1954 Stephen Lacey - private collection 105k
100487 Newbold College 1954. Higher resolutions available. 1954 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 64k
100491 Newbold College 1954. Higher resolution available. 1954 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 127k
100547 Also available at higher resolution. Senior Camp at Oxwich Bay 1954. Back row (left to right): ? ? ? ? ? ?, Reg Burgess, Sonia Bevan, Romy Barham (Hawey), Derald Barham, Shirley Essery, Philip Richards, Philip Jackson, Alastair Tucker, ? ? , Honor Vine, ? , Tony Leigh, Harry Wilby, Llew Meredith, Alec Freeman. Third row: ? ? ? ? ? ? , Kathleen Freeth, Romola Bird, Hilda Jackson, Sylvia Turtil, Mrs Mcdine, John Welsh, ? ? ? ? ? ?, Margaret Vine, Nigella Cook, Annie Jacques, David Bevan. Second row: Roy Burgess, Martin Coombes, ? , Pauline McMillan, Herbie Crutwell, ? , Barbara Leigh, Phyllis Bonney, Ron Bonney, Beryl Gammon, Ken Gammon, Jean Graham, Roy Graham, Eddie Foster, Alf Seymour, ? ? , Christine Emerson, Mervyn Barham, Colin Allen, Avril? Jacques sister?. Front row: Dudley Coombs, ? , Ana Smith, ? , Paul Bonney, Gwen? Evers, Clarance? Hulbert, ? , ? Bonney, Heather and Francis Gammon, ? ? ? , Bernard Gulley, ? ? , Alan Kidd, Roy Warren?. 1954 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 141k
100549 Also available at higher resolution. Junior camp. 1954 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 117k
100074 North England Conference MV Convention. Matlock. Front row: Victor Pilmoor (child), Mrs Pilmoor, .. , Bernard Kinman, R Vince, K Watson, C D Watson, O M Dorland, J M Howard, J H Parkin, Edwin Foster, Ken Elias, Ken Gammon, .. , Don Lowe. Second row: Ruth Welch, Iris Gay, .... , Annette Wyne, Sonia Bevan, Margaret? Stoke, .... , Janet Lennox, B Tucker, .... , Brian Pilmoor. Third row: Joan Trafford, M Bryan, ... , John Lennox, Tony Welch, C Oddy, ... Fourth row: unknown Back row: .. , D Nolan, A W Kidd, .. , Howard Parkin. 1954 BUC 004 
100129 Pastor Kenneth Lacey stands behind the pulpit of the Camp Hill church during the church's first Harvest Thanksgiving. The church was doubly thankful on this occasion in 1955 as 51 new members had just joined the church through baptism. By the end of 1955, Pastor Lacey had the joy of baptising a further 50. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100148 New members at the Camp Hill church. Poor quality. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection   
100166 1955 Ken Lacey Campaign at the Theatre Royal, New Street, Birmingham. Theme: "How Peace Will Come". Grand opening: Sunday, October 16 at 6.30 p.m. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection 91k  
100167 1955 Ken Lacey Campaign at the Theatre Royal, New Street, Birimingham. Theme: "The Other Side of Death". Sunday, November 6th, at 6.30 p.m. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection 64k  
100466 Camp Hill church interior under renovation, including installation of a baptistry. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection 39k
100467 Queue to enter Camp Hill church. 1955 Stephen Lacey - private collection 93k
100492 Newbold College 1955. Higher resolutions available. 1955 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 78k
100493 Newbold College?, believed to be 1955. E B Phillips front centre. Higher resolution available. 1955 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 87k
100046 Pathfinder group - possibly in Erdington. Left to right on back row, Pastor Derek Mustow (in suit), Pastor Jack Mahon (NEC Youth director), Bernard Thompson (elder in the Erdington church). Right front: Pstor Charles D Watson, BUC Youth director. 1955 BUC Office 003 
100083 Empire Day Parade, Watford. Stanborough Park young people carrying MV banner with "South England" on it. Earliest date written on photo is "L.B. 16:7.1955". Banner carrier identified as Barbara Leigh. Following her are Ron Vince (in white shirt), Alan Kidd (also in white shirt), and C D Watson. 1955 BUC 004 
100162 L A D Lane and Kenneth Lacey while visiting interests in Birmingham in 1956.  1956 Stephen Lacey - private collection 67k
100465 Arthur Lacey (front centre) with Wales and West Country colporteurs. 1956 Stephen Lacey - private collection 65k
100494 Newbold College 1956. Front row: ? , James Huzzey, E B Phillips. Back row, second from left, Paul Smith. Higher resolution available.  1956 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 105k
100495 Newbold College 1956. Higher resolution available. 1956 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 75k
100081 BUC Executive Committee? outside Newbold College. Front: G A Lindsay, G D King, .. , H L Rudy? (GC), A F Tarr, W W Armstrong, R W Olson (Newbold Principal), .. , .. Middle: Pastor Nicholson, .. .. .. .. .. .. , E R Warland, J McMelton, J H Bayliss, W L Emmerson. (Middle row 5th from left: Carl Gidlund. Information from Ralf Simonsson, June 2004). Back: .. , Alf Lohne, C D Watson, N H Kinght, M E Lind, G Horris, J Cravan, M R Lethbridge. 1956 BUC 004 
100097 Newbold Missionary College. John Woodfield, R W Olsen, Mrs D Clarke, David Throssell, Dr P P Schuil, Dr La Vita Payne, Albert Watson, A W Lethbridge, E B Phillips. 1956-7 R Surridge - private collection 126k
100104 BUC Executive Committee. Front row (left to right): Bernard Kinman, J H Bayliss, N H Knight, W W Armstrong, J A McMillan, Ken Elias, Matthew Murdoch. Middle row: E R Warland, C R Bonney, W L Emmerson, R Syme, R D Vine, George Annis, George Norris. Back row: C Wilson, A W Howard, A H Williams, J H Craven, C D Walton, R W Olsen. 1957 BUC 005 

100170 Handbill for Pastor Ken Lacey's campaign in Manchester, 1957. The average attendance at Ken Lacey's Manchester evangelistic meetings in 1958-59 was 600. The meetings moved from the the Palace Theatre to Holdsworth Hall. The evangelistic team included Amos Cooper, Phillip Anderson, Ted Bell, Martin Anthony, ? Proudley, Edith Borb, and J Colledge. Departing from tradition, non-members were invited to Sabbath morning services and 85 accepted that invitation (with 65 coming to Sabbath School). The total number of baptisms in Manchester was 111. 1957 Stephen Lacey - private collection 71k
100171 Newspaper advert for Pastor Ken Lacey's campaign in Manchester, 1957. 1957 Stephen Lacey - private collection 112k  
100172 Handbill for Pastor Ken Lacey's evangelistic campaign in Manchester, 1957. 1957 Stephen Lacey - private collection 73k
100173 Newspaper advert from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1957 evangelistic campaign in Manchester. 1957 Stephen Lacey - private collection 95k  
100214 Handbill from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1957 campaign in Manchester. "Beyond the Tomb." 1957 Stephen Lacey - private collection 77k
100496 Newbold College 1957. Higher resolutions available. 1957 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 72k
100051 New Gallery stage area. "Linking the Golden Years" 1957 BUC Office 003 
100151 South England Camp (probably Oxwich Bay). Left to right, back row: Colin Morris, Clarence Hulbert, Keith Lethbridge, Basil Hyatt then Fred Pearse. Front row: Fleur Morris, Ruth Warland, (Possibly Violet Woodhead or Margaret Mahon), Beatrice Pearse, Marilyn Pearse, unknown, and Mrs James Collins. 1958 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 57k  
100168 Programme for Pastor Ken Lacey's 1958 campaign in Manchester. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 55k
100175 BUC Offices on Stanborough Park, 1958. Later this building housed the Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Bible School. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 75k
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