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100176 Handbill card from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1958 evangelistic campaign in Manchester. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 55k  
100177 Stanborough School, on Stanborough Park. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 61k
100178 The Stanborough Park Sanitarium. This was first opened in May 1912. Later became the Stanboroughs Nursing and Maternity Home. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 92k
100217 Evangelist Pastor Ken Lacey and Mrs Monica Lacey pictured with their children at Stonehenge during a holiday in 1958. Children (left to right): Beverley, Stephen, Robin and Michael. 1958 Stephen Lacey - private collection 44k
100497 Newbold College 1958. Higher resolutions available. 1958 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 55k
100253 Frederick George Thomas with father Frederick Herbert Thomas. This picture was taken in at the division council held in Salisbury, Rhodesia and it shows the fathers and sons who were at the meeting. From left to right are F G Thomas, F H Thomas, A W Staples with his sons Dr Warren Staples and Dr Russell Staples, then Pastor Tarr with his son E L Tarr. This note formerly, and incorrectly, stated that this was an ordination picture. In fact F G Thomas was ordained by S G Maxwell on 14 Sept 1953.  1958 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 88k
100142 Ministerial Meetings at Stanborough Park. 1958 approx Marilyn Jerome - private collection 124k  
100109 Caption reads, "Pastor Howard Parkin and the Belfast MVs prepare for their youth effort which begins Oct 11th".
Back row left to right: Lindsay Elias, David West, Herbert Parkin, ?, Brian Robinson
Middle row: ?, Marcus Collins, ?, Mr West (David's father), Mike Elias, Ian Milligan
Front row: Nancy Wilson, Judith Parkin (confirmed by daughter - Hannah Smith - 19 January 2008), ?, Margaret ?, Jean Milligan  
1959 BUC 005 
100125 This was a "Seminary Extension" held at Newbold College. The seminar was presented by Potomac University, Washington DC Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary Extension School, Northern European Division. The Seminar was held June 1 to July 12, 1959. It was on Christology and Soteriology - Evangelistic Leadersip Prophetic Guidance. Three members of the Seminary presided: WGC Murdoch, RA Anderson, and Arthur White. Robert W Olson was President of Newbold Missionary College at the time, and A Tarr was the President of the Northern European Division.
Jack Mahon recalls that this was in the era of 'Questions On Doctrine' and "RA Anderson preached a notable sermon affirming that Adventists believe that Salvation was complete at the Cross not a process which began the work of Sanctification."
Picture taken in Sylvia's Garden. Jack Mahon is in the middle toward the back, face partly obscured. At the very back is NEC President Pastor J A MacMillan To Pastor MacMillan's right is Pastor Bayliss. Victor Hall and Victor Cooper on the right side. Fred Pearse is in the second row behind George Emm. Pastor Uffindall in the middle of the second row, possibly Roy Burgess beside him. 
1959 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 124k  
100126 Newbold College. Original photo is signed by R A Anderson.
Front row, left to right: Pastor Emmerson, Pastor Bayliss, Pastor MacMillan, Pastor Billy Murdoch, Pastor R A Anderson, ... , A F Tarr (Division President). Next row back includes: Jock McGugan, George Emm, Frederick C J Pearse, Brian Ball, Victor Hall in the grey sweater to the right of Brian. Roy Burgess, Ron Brett? Further back: James Cuthell, Don McClure, Howard Parkin, Ernest Logan, Jack Mahon, Roy Graham, Horace West. Behind Fred Pearse is Ken Lacey, on Lacy's right is Ivor Kinnersley. Behind and to the left of Ernest Logan is William Fraser, on the right of him is Dennis Uffindall, then Denys Baildam, then Don Lowe. Behind Denys Baildam with glasses is Len Lane, behind him at the back right is Derek Mustow. To the left of William Fraser is Albert Anderson. Also: Allan Norman, his brother Gerald is on the back row at the left. Below him and slightly to the right is Pastor Nicholson. On the back row with the mustache and arms folded Brian Pilmoor, to the right is Phillip Anderson. Back row 3rd from left: Sulo Halminen, 6th from left Onni Halminen, Pekka Peltonen. 
1959 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 80k
100133 Oxwich Camp - washing up. 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100134 Oxwich Camp - Morning Watch 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100146 Queuing for evangelistic meetings at the New Gallery. 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100179 Handbill for Pastor Ken Lacey's 1959 campaign at the New Gallery. "Invasion from Outer Space." 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 39k
100180 Leaflet from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1959 campaign at the New Gallery. 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 51k
100181 Newspaper advert from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1959 evangelistic campaign in Manchester. 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 63k
100184 Programme from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1959 evangelistic campaign at the New Gallery. "Who are the 144,000?" 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 54k
100185 Programme from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1959 evangelistic campaign at the New Gallery. "Sounding the trumpets of war!" 1959 Stephen Lacey - private collection 55k
100239 Evangelistic Handbill. Speaker: Fred Pearse. Venue: City Oval Hall. Date: Sunday October 11.  1959 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 130k  
100498 BUC Workers? 1959. Higher resolution available. 1959 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 68k
100070 Farmer at Dinas Dinlle? 1959 BUC 004 
100152 Crowd inside the New Gallery Centre. 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100183 Poster at the entrance to the New Gallery during Pastor Ken Lacey's 1960 evangelistic campaign. 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 204k
100186 Pastor Ken Lacey preaching from the stage of the New Gallery in 1960. Stage props: four cut-out horses. 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 48k
100187 Entrance to the New Gallery during Pastor Ken Lacey's 1960 evangelistic campaign. "Survival Through Faith." 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 73k
100188 Flyer for Pastor Ken Lacey's 1960 campaign at the New Gallery. "Survival Through Faith." 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 132k
100189 Newspaper advert from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1960 evangelistic campaign at the New Gallery. "Russia and World Conquest." 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 83k  
100190 Pastor Ken Lacey preaching from the pulpit at the New Gallery during his 1960 campaign. Props include a row of headstones. 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 45k
100191 Pastor Ken Lacey preaching from the pulpit of the New Gallery during his 1960 campaign. Large prop shows timeline for the millennium. 1960 Stephen Lacey - private collection 45k
100029 Large Newbold School Group (outside). Left: Margaret (nee Edwards) Anthony?, Christine (nee Emmerson) Wood . Left: Margaret Wastling, Paulina (nee McMillan) Rinta-Aho. 1960 BUC Office 001 
100031 Small Newbold School Group (outside). Christine (nee Emmerson) Wood in centre. 1960 BUC Office 001 
100032 Newbold School - inside classroom. Dated to 30 September by writing on the board. Estimated at 1960. Christine (nee Emmerson) Wood teaching. 1960 BUC Office 001 
100033 Newbold School - Inside classroom 1960 BUC Office 001 
100118 Cambridge. 8 MVs by tables of buns and drinks. Dennis Uffindell at right. 1960, Jan 6 BUC 005 
100040 Newbold School. Margaret (nee Dutton) Wastling with class. Glynis Birch (now Phillips) is one of the children. 1960? BUC Office 002 
100049 Walthamstow School group. On left: Miss Trott? Right: Mrs Bacon Shone and Verna Houston (became Ginbey, then Anderson). Headteacher? Possibly Nigel Todd is also in the picture. 1960? BUC Office 003 
100127 Sheffield Choir. Bottom right is choir Director Reg Burgess. At the time he was assistant pastor to Fred Pearse. Beside Reg is Denzil Burgess (Houston).
Barbara Brooks (later Clee) in middle. On the back row, 2nd and 3rd from right, are the two brothers of Barbara Brooks.  
1960s Marilyn Jerome - private collection 78k
100058 Pastor Jack Sequeira and, possibly, a Newbold student. 1960s BUC 004 
100059 Stanborough Park Church (inside). Platform: C D Watson, Sandy McPherson from the BBC. GC Youth. Congregation: Right front row: Myrtle Cooper. 2nd row right: Dr A H Williams. 2nd row centre: Clive Blackburn 1960s BUC 004 
100064 Stanborough Park church, inside. Sandy McPherson, who played the new organ, signing autographs. Left to right: .. , Anita Bevan, Jonathan Dibble. 1960s BUC 004 
100065 Stanborough Park church, inside. Sandy McPherson, who played the new organ, signing autographs. 1960s BUC 004 
100066 Stanborough Park church, inside. Sandy McPherson, who played the new organ, standing in the pulpit.  1960s BUC 004 
100069 A K Armstrong, seated in background, Pastor of the Stanborough Park church. Unknown young person standing in pulpit. Sandy McPherson moving away. 1960s BUC 004 
100078 Group of seven young people. Possibly Ireland. Patrick Boyle on left. S Wilson. Antony and Olive Crouch. 1960s BUC 004 
100085 Newbold banquet? Polish group in foreground. Pastor Paul Cieslar (2nd left). Pastor Dabrowski (bottom right). Leon Mashchek? (third from right). 1960s BUC 004 
100087 Outside the Baptist Church in Bala, Wales, at the end of the Mary Jones walk. Man between Roy Graham and Roy Burgess is the local minister. A number of young people (30-40) followed in the footsteps of Mary Jones, ending the walk at Bala where she looked for a Welsh Bible. Left to right: Miriam Davis (in Welsh costume), Ken Clothier, Rex Riches, Roy Graham, Baptist minister, Roy Burgess. Also on the walk was Doug Sinclair. Note that Mary Jones's search for a Bible was a factor in the founding of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1960s BUC 004 
100080 Group of young people in Ireland.
Back row left to right: Mike Elias, Marcus Collins, Brian Robinson, David West, Lindsay Elias, Herbert Parkin, Ian Milligan.
Middle row: Margaret ..?, Jean Milligan, Nancy Wilson, Judith Parkin, Madge Ellis.
Front row: 4 and 6 are ? Bell. 
1960s (early) BUC 004 
100096 Campers and staff in front of marquee, possibly at Dinas Dinlle. 1960s? R Surridge - private collection 97k
100105 Back row: ?, David Markham, David ?? (looks like Andrews), Ted Pettit (Assistant pastor?), Joy Bussey (nee Evers). Second row: Roy Graham. Front row: ?, S Cooper, L Overy, T Chalcraft, A Gittens, ... ? Evers. Information from Martin Anthony, Nov 2005. 1960s? BUC 005 
100115 Teachers' Convention in Norway. 1960s? BUC 005 

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