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100606 New BUC Building 1962 Stanborough Press 108k
100607 New BUC Building 1962 Stanborough Press 150k
100169 Pastor and Mrs Kenneth Lacey pause by Robert Burns' cottage while ingathering in Scotland in 1963. 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 48k
100199 Group outside the Glasgow church. From left to right: Back row: Pastor Edwards, ???, Pastor Hensman, Pastor Dibble Next row: ???, Pastor Arthur Howard, Iris Howard, Gloria Joshua, Iris Smart, ???, Mrs Howard Parkin, Mrs Dibble Next Row: Pastor George Emm, Pastor Bob Smart, Pastor Arthur Vine, John Rigby, Howard Parkin, Pastor J A McMillan, Pastor Ken Lacey Front Row: Dorothy Emm, the Emms' two daughters Beverley and Sharon, the Smarts' daughter Iris.  1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 63k
100201 Evangelists take a day off from their 1963 Glasgow campaign and head for the beach. A short stop is made to check directions. The cars from front to back belonged to: Pastor Ken Lacey, Brian Fielding, Pastor Hensman, and Pastor Derek Mustow.  1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 57k
100207 Glasgow church. 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 93k
100208 Handbill card from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1963 campaign in Glasgow. 500 special Bibles from Collins were ordered for an experimental Bible Marking Class during the 1963 evangelistic meetings in Glasgow. 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 69k  
100209 Handbill from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1963 campaign in Glasgow. 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 70k
100210 Programme from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1963 campaign in Glasgow. "Can we talk with the dead?" 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 126k
100213 Newspaper from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1963 campaign in Glasgow. "Facing the future unafraid." 1963 Stephen Lacey - private collection 128k  
100286 Conference of Presidents and Secretaries of the Northern Europe West Africa Division, held in Helsinki, 1963. 1963 Ronald Surridge - private collection 112k
100093 Youth camp at Dinas Dinlle. 1963 R Surridge - private collection 139k
100038 Welsh Mission Youth with pastor Roy Burgess. St Athan, Wales. Back row: Fieldings (near centre), John Benefield, Joy Evers. Second left front: Pamela (nee Cady) Davis. Front row: Frances (nee Gammon) Johnson, Pauline (nee Searle) Potter. 1963? BUC Office 002 
100554 Writing on the back of the photo as follows: "June 23rd 1964 Kumasi airport - just before leaving for England. Kevin - 4 years Michael - just 2 years Karen - 6 months. John Welch Shirley Essery" 1964 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 73k
100385 This picture was originally thought to hve been taken on the 70th annivesary of the Southampton church. However Mrs Isabella Greenlee believes that this anniversary actually occurred in 1950. Front row centre: Pastor F C J Pearse, Back row 4th from right: Aurelia Ruddick, Bible worker. Centre 2nd row, behind and to left of Pastor Pearse: Beatrice Pearse. 2nd from left front row kneeling: Marilyn Pearse Jerome. Note that in January 2006 we received more information about this picture from Mrs Isabella Greenlee. Apparently the picture held by Marilyn Jerome is actually a copy of the original that Denis and Isabella Greenlee gave to Pastor Fred Pearse. The original photo was taken by Mr Albert Darlington, the father of Mrs Greenlee. She says that he "took the picture on the day we were baptised into the Soouthampton church. The picture shows us, Denis and Isabella Greenlee, and two of the family of Bournes who were also baptised... This picture was taken in 1965." The two boys in front of picture are Albert and Nigel Greenlee. As of January 2006 Mr and Mrs Greenlee still have in their possession the camera that took this picture - a Rolaflex. 1965 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 81k
100386 This picture was taken in 1965 when the Southampton church (Shirley Road) was celebrating its 70th anniversary and Pastor Fred C J Pearse was the pastor. Left to right: Pastor F C J Pearse, Fred Edwards, Pastor Edwin Foster, Pastor J A McMillan, Spencer Maxwell, W Futcher?. Note that Fred Edwards was the father of Siegfried, Ron, and Margaret (later Anthony).  1965 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 70k
100223 Pastor Harold Lowe (Theologian). President of the BUC 1936 to 1946. Photo by Leslie A Williams in Maryland USA, May 1965. 1965 May Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 64k
100034 Laymen and Women outside the Annexe, Stanborough Park. 1966 BUC Office 001 
100063 Holloway youth group with the Mayor and Mayoress of Islington: Ald A Cowan? and Mrs Elsie Cowan. Pastor George S Crutchfield, Mrs Beatrice Rainbow? (Red Cross Officer), Herbie George Cruttwell, standing on right. 1966, 22 August BUC 004 
100103 Quadrennial inspection of Newbold College. Left to right: Doctors George L Caviness, C B Hirsch, Bernard E Seton, and Bert B Beach. 1967 (May) BUC 005 
100110 Junior MVs at Welsh Session, outside back of the Cardiff church. Back row includes: Roy Graham, Doug Sinclair, Roy Burgess and Vera Machell. Granose van in background. 1967 July BUC 005 
100119 Camp group, possibly at Aberdaron. Roy Graham in centre? 1967? BUC 005 
100056 Writing on the back of this photo reads: Harry Eddon relaxes after his meal and looks well even though this was only 10 days after his ordeal in the ice and wind of north west Iceland. Feb 14th - Hotel Borg dining room. Reykjavik. Photo - Reg Burgess. Apparently he was a survivor of the sinking of the Ross Cleveland off the coast of Iceland. There is an archived article about this on the BBC web-site. 1968 BUC 004 
100106 23 receive Duke of Edinburgh award at Balham. Photo dated 17 December 1970. 1970 BUC 005 
100028 Swanwick Literature Evangelists Convention 1970 BUC Office 001 
100036 Welsh Mission Youth. St Athan. Front row includes: Eleri and Sian Rees, either side of Michelle Haran? Anita Stearman at front right? 1970 BUC Office 002 
100037 Welsh Mission Youth. St Athan. Possibly including Valmae Graham, Ian Graham, James Cooper. 1970 BUC Office 002 
100048 Hampstead Pathfinders in the Hampstead church. 1970 BUC Office 003 
100050 Peckham Pathfinder investiture. Pastor Rex Riches (in uniform) and Herbie George Cruttwell (from Holloway). 1970 BUC Office 003 
100072 Musical group at the JMV weekend in South Wales (probably St Athan). 1970 BUC 004 
100047 Nottingham University Study Weekend. Note: Rows are not well defined in this photo. Organiser: James Huzzey (middle back row). Lecturers (front row middle): Dr Albert Watson, Dr Leofric Rhodes, Dr John Walton, Pastor R D Vine. Back row (left to right), Roger Clarke, ??, Tony Barber, D Crocker, ?? ... ??, James Huzzey, Malcolm Bayliss, ??, Graham Robson, Murray Mahon, ?? ... Middle row (left to right), Monica Vine, Becky Hammond, John McGoldrick, ??, Carol Harlin (now Peacock), Sandra Harlin, ??, Dr Doreen Bull, Penny Hammond, Philip McGoldrick, Jean Cabbin, Pastor Arthur Cooper, ??, Derrick Mason. Front row (left to right) John Bunting, Isobel Bunting, ? Greenwood, .. Lloyd Antonio, ?? ... , Pastor Alan Crowe, .. , Dennis Porter, V H Cooper, .. , Peter Walton, .. , John Barron, ? Widden, .. Miriam Davies, .. , Angela ?, Wendy Holmes (later Salmon), .. , Charles Richards, Pastor Denys Baildam.  1970-1972 appro BUC Office 003 
100591 Original document seems to be missing. "The personnel of the British Union, Missions, Home Health Education Service and British Advent Missions Offices. Back row (left to right) standing: E H Foster, G L Anniss, B F Kinman, W J Arthur, J W Ginbey, D C Uffindell, S V Maxwell, L A Hubbard, C Wilson, R H Surridge. Second row (left to right) standing: Margaret DeAth, Betty Pierson, Joan Maxwell, Cynthia Southcott, Britta Dunton, Joyce Archer, Anita Marshall. Front row (left to right) seated: Barbara Leigh, Susan Rush, Margaret Meredith, Joan Townsend, Denise Goulstone, Patricia Johnson, Carolyn Bellamy, Phyllis Robertson, Anne Johnston. 1970s Mike Lewis Collection 97k
100084 Stanborough Park Pathfinders. Front row: .. , Katrina Riches, Peter Balderstone, Sharon Leicester, .. , Dawn Blewitt, .. Second row: .. , .. , W Lloyd, .. , F Walton, .. , .. , Ruth Bardel, .. , K LeCorre Third row: .. , .. , Elizabeth Roberts, Alison Sheminant, Christina Valsin, Celine LeCorre, .. , .. , Andrew Bone Fourth row: Glynis Birch, Pat Dychoff, ..... , Christine Arthur, Ruth Arthur Back row: .. , Pauline Sinclair, Mervyn Leicester, Christine Robinson, Ann-Marie Riches, Elizabeth Huzzey. 1970s BUC 004 
100480 BUC Ministerial Institute. 24-28 June 1974. Higher resolutions available. 1974 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 80k
100068 Oxwich camp group. Fancy dress hats. Left to right: Liz Huzzey, Alison Sheminant, Sonia Powell. Centre with crown: Angela Sawtell. 1976 BUC 004 
100215 Advertising handbill from Pastor Ken Lacey's 1983 campaign in Retford. "The Great Return". Also available at higher resolution. Note that a series of meetings was also held in Scunthorpe.  1983 Stephen Lacey - private collection 68k
100024 BUC Executive Committee 1990 BUC Office 001 
100041 Stanborough Park church. Left to right: Peter Thirkell, Phyllis (McClements) Robertson, Christine Emmerson (Wood), Cyril Roe, Pastor H T Johnson (SEC Youth director), Gillian (nee Willoughby) Huzzey, Maria (nee Mills) Haddon, Clive Blackburn. c 1950 BUC Office 002 
100042 New Gallery organ. c 1950 BUC Office 002 
100043 Newbold School. Margaret (nee Goodall) Priestley. c 1960 BUC Office 002 
100052 Nottingham University Study Weekend. Lecturers: Dr John Walton, Dr Bert Beach, Dr Leofric Rhodes, Dr Colin Mitchell, Dr Albert Watson, Dr A John Woodfield. c 1970-1972 BUC Office 003 
100625 Brochure for George Vandeman Evangelistic Campaign in the New Gallery, London. Inside page. Unknown Stephen Lacey Collection 108k
100626 Brochure for George Vandeman Evangelistic Campaign in the New Gallery, London. Ouside page. Unknown Stephen Lacey Collection 117k
100138 Newbold Revel - front view. Unknown Marilyn Jerome - private collection 90k
100139 Newbold Revel - side view Unknown Marilyn Jerome - private collection 95k
100218 A muster of staff to greet the Mayor and Mayoress of Watford and the M O H of Watford. Male Nurses, l to r: H Stewartjacks; G R Parry, now MB, FRCS (Eng); A Fleet?; John (Johnny) Johnson. Seated; Mrs Rigby-Taylor, Mayoress; Mrs A H Williams, BA (Hons), SRN, SCM, Sister Tutor’s Diploma in Midwifery, Matron; Dr J E M Cairncross, MD (Calif) DNB, FRCSE; Mr Rigby-Taylor, Mayor of Watford, & Dr Cox, (?) Medical Officer of Health for Watford.
Others: Gwen and Pearl Nickels; Doris Watts; Fairy Haddon; Wendy Browne later Mrs W Searle; M E Maggs, later Mrs H O Williams; Iris Baldwin, Qualified Midwife; Mary Radcliffe; Mrs Enid Conroy; Irene Wurr and Vera Wurr, later Mrs G R Parry. 
unknown Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 79k
100220 Dr A H Williams. One time Secretary/Treasurer of the Southern Asia Division of Seventh-day Adventists, Poona, India. 2). President of the Northwest India Union, Lucknow, India. Fluent in: Burmese, Hindi and Urdu. 3). Also one time Medical Director of the Stanboroughs Nursing Home, Garston, Watford, Herts.  unknown Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 43k
100221 Emeritus Professor Roland E Loasby. Dr Roland E and Mrs Bernice Loasby were missionaries in India during the 20s and 30s. He and his brother, Frank, also a missionary in India, came from the Adventist Church in Kettering. While in India he studied as an external student through London University and obtained a BA (Hons) in Marathi, with his minor subject being Sanskrit. While on furlough in 1930-1931 he took an MA at Columbia University, New York, USA followed by a PhD. He specialised in oriental, and classical languages. This picture was taken soon after his retirement from Washington College on Takoma Park, Washington DC. Mrs Loasby was a nurse by training. As Pastor R E Loasby, he conducted the funeral service for Mrs Williams (wife of Dr A H Williams) in Lucknow, India on 31 January 1933. Unknown Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 62k
100227 Dr A H Williams. Went out to Rangoon in August 1906 when he was just 17 years old, to earn enough money to return to England and continue his university education. By the end of his six-year contract with the firm "Oppenheimer's of Rangoon" he had met and married a missionary's daughter. They were both baptised into the Adventist faith by Pastor H H Votaw (whose brother-in-law later became President Warren G Harding, in the USA). During those early six years they were so overwhelmed by the misery and hardships which afflicted the rural population of that country, they decided to undertake missionary work amongst the poorest of the poor villages along the Salween River. At the end of his original contract Williams was not persuaded by Mr Oppenheimer's personal request to him to sign a further contract with their company.
After a short home leave, when he worked as a temporary male nurse at the recently acquired Stanboroughs in Watford, to gain some elementary medical skills, which he augmented by a course designed for would be missionaries run by The Livingstone College at The Poplar Hospital in East London, they returned to Burma as planned. However while working for Oppenheimer's he had studied Accountancy and Mercantile Law, and this fact, and his dedication to his tasks, however menial, were soon noticed by the denominational bosses in India, some well known pioneers amongst them, who were looking for someone to take over their accounts. They invited him to join the work in Lucknow, which he did in 1915.
He attended the General Conference as an official delegate in 1920. By that date he had already signed contracts for the purchase of the land and development of Salisbury Park in Poona (where Leslie A Williams was born in 1922), and Vincent Hill School in Mussoorie.
When Mrs Williams died in Lucknow in January 1933 in the course of her duties as a midwife, working among the poor and needy, A H Williams felt India held little more for him. In 1934, at the age of 45, he returned to England and entered Medical School at University College London and Charing Cross Hospital, qualifying in January 1940. Photo caption: Pres. Sw.H.M.A ? 
Unknown Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 71k
100244 Arthur Maxwell and his wife. Also available at higher resolution.  Unknown Stanley Maxwell - private collection 34k
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