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100107 Unknown group and location. Poster displays caption "United in Christ". 1950s? BUC 005 
100112 Unknown group outside Stanborough Park church. W W Armstrong on front row. Picture quality not good. 1950s? BUC 005 
100117 New Gallery stage with large picture of Christ and caption, "Christ Above All". MVs on the stage with banners representing different places: Coventry, Cornwall, Arly Hill ? Bristol, Lodge Causeway Bristol, Exeter. Quality not too good. 1950s? BUC 005 
100120 Arthur Lacey, lay pastor and evangelist, known for his powerful preaching during the 1930's 40's and 50's. In an official capacity, he was also the head of the colporteur work for Wales and West England. 1950s? Stephen Lacey - private collection 66k
100121 Nelson Henry Knight. After returning from missionary work in the Caribbean Union in the early 1920's, Nelson Henry Knight served the Church as the Business Manager of the Stanborough Park Sanitarium, the Secretary Treasurer of the North England Conference, the Business Manager at Newbold College, and the Secretary Treasurer of the British Union Conference. After retirement in 1960, he also was Bursar for the Stanborough School. 1950s? Stephen Lacey - private collection 55k
100234 Handbill from Fred Pearse campaign at the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. Title, "After Death - What?". Soloist: G T Hewlett of Canada. Date: Sunday November 7.  1950s? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 129k  
100235 Fred Pearse evangelistic handbill. Dates: Sundays December 7, 14, 21, 28. Title: "All Eyes East" 1950s? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 78k  
100236 Evangelistic handbill for the "All Eyes East" campaign. Speaker: Fred Pearse. Venue: YMCA Assembly Hall, St Michael Street, West Bromwich. 1950s? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 73k  
100237 Evangelistic handbill for campaign entitled, "The Heavens are Telling". Speaker: Fred Pearse. Date: Sunday October 28. Also advertises the King's Heralds quartet. Venue: Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. 1950s? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 117k  
100075 Dinas Dinlle camp. 1950s? BUC 004 
100079 NEC Camp Reunion at Eastwood Grange, Notts. Leader: Bernard Kinman 1950s? BUC 004 
100089 MV Camp 1950s? R Surridge - private collection 82k
100095 Camp. Probably on the Gower. Back row includes: Joe White, Margaret Warland, Pastor and Mrs John and Olive West. 1950s? R Surridge - private collection 142k
100145 Pastor Ken Lacey's evangelistic poster. 1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 121k
100150 The 1951 Brixton evangelistic team. Back row left to right: Mrs Irma Hyde, Mrs Monica Lacey, Mrs Frazer. Front row: Pastor Gordon Hyde, Kathleen Mahon, Pastor Kenneth Lacey, ? (Kathleen Mahon's younger sister), Pastor Frazer.  1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 41k
100157 Ken Lacey. Evangelistic handbill for 1951 Brixton campaign in the Empress Theatre. "Jesus is Coming Again."
The first ten meetings of the Brixton campaign were held in the Empress Theatre and then were transferred to the Lambeth Town Hall. Attendance averaged 500. Sabbath meetings were held in the Court Room at Lambeth Town Hall in the judge's chamber. Twenty-seven were baptised in the Wimbledon church and these, along with the remnants of the Clapham church, formed the first Brixton church of some 35 members. 
1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 167k
100158 A letter of appreciation to Pastor Ken Lacey from the manager of the Empress Theatre, Brixton, dated 27/11/51.  1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 114k
100159 Interior of the Dundee Church. The very successful evangelistic series which doubled the membership of the Dundee church (34 members were added) necessitated the building of a new church on Arbroath Road. R A Anderson was present for the church dedication. Pastor Ken Lacey's evangelistic series started in the King's Theatre (later the Gaumont) with attendance of around 800, and then transferred to the Caird Hall. 1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 109k
100160 Exterior of the Dundee church. Noticeboard advertised Church dedication and Church organisation with R A Anderson and WW Armstrong. 1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 129k
100455 Kenneth Lacey and Denys Baildam, Brixton. 1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 80k
100456 Gordon Hyde and Kenneth Lacey, Brixton. 1951 Stephen Lacey - private collection 82k
100484 Newbold College 1951. Higher resolutions available. Front row, left to right: last but one is Mrs Alice Phillips, wife of Ernest B Phillips. 1951 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 60k
100062 Youth directors. Front: E L Minchin (BUC), E W Dunbar (GC), A Lohne (NED), J J Aitken (GC). Behind: H T Johnston (SEC), E R Warland (NEC). 1951 BUC 004 
100108 Mayor and Mayoress opening the youth hall of the Newport Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wales, accompanied by Pastor Horace Humphries. Mr Jacques is next to Pastor Humphries. Mr Harold Pimm is 2nd left back row.  1951 or 1952 BUC 005 
100098 Newbold Missionary College. Ron Surridge, Ken Clothier. Front row includes: E H Foster, E B Phillips, J Dunnett.  1951-2 R Surridge - private collection 145k
100457 Camp staff and others, Oxwich 1952 Stephen Lacey - private collection 93k
100458 Brixton evangelistic series with Watford Ladies Choir. 1952 Stephen Lacey - private collection 49k
100459 Brixton evangelistic team. 1952 Stephen Lacey - private collection 46k
100460 Croydon members. 1952 Stephen Lacey - private collection 77k
100485 Newbold College 1952. Higher resolution available. 1952 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 59k
100488 Newbold College 1952. Foreign students with staff. Fron row left to right: Miss Cumden, Myrtle (Dorland) Hansen, Dr Brailsford, A H Thompson (BUC Treasurer), W R A Madgwick (Principal), Dr John Dunnett, Ernest B Phillips, E H Foster (Preceptor), Miss Howard? (Preceptress). There is a list of names on the back of this photograph which are difficult to decipher. Possibly: A O Spanghagen, Makeli, Jorgenan, Borge Olsen, Trudi Kopp, Y Norman, Margatta Halvinen, Jaini Lahti, Svala Magnissdoffir, Svein Nilsen, Bjorg Intsaller, Harald Zurcher, Valiu, Anna Palm, Olaf Hesse, Michel Albaric, R Shyllstor, Anni Jansson, Mare Imperiali, Marcelle Leta, ? , Marcelle Lobet, Maria Chriologopidou. Higher resolution available. 1952 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 103k
100489 Newbold College staff 1952. Front row: ? , E B Phillips, ? , ? , E H Foster, ? , ?. Back row, left to right: ? , ? , John Dunnett. Higher resolution available. 1952 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 88k
100545 Herbie George Crutwell at Oxwich camp in 1952. 1952 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 56k
100548 Also available at higher resolution. Back row (left to right): Madgwick, ? ? ? ? , Norman Gulley, Chris Beddall?, Brenda Smith, Barbara Leigh, ? , Kathleen Freeth, Alan Kidd, Clarence Hulbert, Beecheys?, Norman Bevan, Avril Jacques. Third row: ? ? ? ? , Des Hubbard, ? , Lionel Hubbard, Ursula Vine, ? ? , Joan Gallagher, Harry Wilby, ? , Romy Hawey (Barham), Honor Vine, ? , ? Vesey, Barbara Palmer, mr Tew, ? ?. Second row: Sylvia Turtil, John Todd, Mrs Welch, ? , Mrs Lacey, Ken Lacey, George Emm, Horace Pearce, Ron Vince, H T Johnson, Norman Tew, G? Hewlett, Reg Swaine, Hergie George Crutwell, ? ? , Jean Vesey, Bernard Gulley, Mrs Swain. Front row: ? ? ? ? , Marina Robinson (Gloucester), Ken Lacey's two boys, ? , One of Reg Swain's daughters, ? ? , Rob Pearce, ? ? ? , Janet Youlden, Mary Vesey, Margaret Palmer. 1952 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 147k
100556 George Emm at Oxwich Camp in 1952. Writing on the back of the photo says "'Georgeous' George Emm - everyone's secret friend!" 1952 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 54k
100557 Oxwich Camp 1952. 1952 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 80k
100558 Oxwich camp 1952. Back row (left to right): 2nd and 4th - Palmer sisters, 5th - Norman Tew, 8th - Gordon Hewlett (Canadian minister), 9th - George Emm, 10th - Norman Gulley. Front row: 1 - Janet Youlden, 2 - Clarence Hulbert, 3 - Laura? Robertson (Gloucester). 1952 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 96k
100091 Newbold College graduation class of 1952. Back row, left to right: Don McClure, Ivor R Kinnersley, Ron Surridge, Roy Burgess, Wilfred Futcher, Ken Clothier, Walter Fenz, Arthur Cooper. Front row: Ruth Tamblin (Kinnersley), Joyce Colledge, E H Foster, E B Rudge, W R A Madgwick (principal), W W Armstrong, Victor Cooper, Valerie Baldwin (Dust), Betty Ponder. 1952 R Surridge - private collection 103k
100094 Newbold College staff. Back row, left to right: Clarice Throssell, H Crocker, D J Dunnett, Alfred Seymour, David Throssell, Douglas Brailsford, Frank Wood, Roy Scarr. Front row: Ruth Richardson, E B Phillips, Albert Lethbridge, W R A Madgwick, E H Foster, Myrtle Dorland, Nelly Cumden. 1952 R Surridge - private collection 110k
100128 Middlesbrough and Darlington Area Evangelistic Campaign. This series of meetings was conducted by Pastor Lamont Murdoch.
Back row: Mr Lowe (ordained later), next four gentlemen were the Tyneside Kings Heralds from the Newcastle church. Mr C Robson, Mr Robson, Mr Derek? Mustow, Mr Dietz, Mr Fred Pearse (ordained later) Front row: Miss Hannah (Bible worker), Pastor Lamont Murdoch, Mrs Murdoch.  
1952 approx Marilyn Jerome - private collection 58k
100399 JMV Camp at Oxwich Bay, South Wales, 17-27 August 1953. Left to right: Kathleen Freeth, ?, ?, ?, Dorothy Hearne (later Taylor), Janet Youlden (in cardigan). Margaret Palmer (right of Dorothy Hearne), ?. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 72k
100400 SEC Camp. Fred Sneed and campers. JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 91k
100401 SEC Camp. Glenys Sweet is the tend leader. Also Liz Vine and Margaret Kelly. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 77k
100402 JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. Reg Burgess and campers at SEC Camp. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 92k
100403 Probably Oxwich Bay camp in 1953. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 82k
100404 Caption reads "Our neighbours - Bro Cox's tent". JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 105k
100149 Platform party at the London Coliseum. McMillan, ???, HMS Richards, George Vandeman, George King, and Kenneth Lacey. 1953 Stephen Lacey - private collection 
100405 Caption reads "Bro and Sister Cox." Oxwich beach. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 49k
100406 JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 90k
100407 JMV Camp 17-27 August 1953. 1953 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 65k
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