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100627 Almost certainly this photo was taken on the same occasion as 100252. 1938 Megan Riskowitz Collection 176k
100436 Holloway 1938. Possibly an outing. 1938 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 112k
100468 1938 Newbold Revel "laundry girls". 1938 Stephen Lacey - private collection 88k
100472 Monica Knight (later Lacey) gets help coming in from a row on the lake at Newbold Revel. Higher resolution available. 1938 Stephen Lacey - private collection 51k
100224 The Stanboroughs Hydro, Garston, Watford, Herts. Photo by Leslie A Williams, 1938. 1938 Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection   
100252 East African Union Committee. Back row left to right: W Raitt, R Carey, M C Murdoch, G Lewis, S Beardsell. Front row: Dr G Madgwick, Grace Clarke. Spencer George Maxwell, W W Armstrong, F H Thomas. 1938 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 112k
100261 Kendu Hospital staff in 1938. 1938 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 120k
100011 Adina Marriner as a child 1938 Adina Marriner - private collection   
100277 Stanley and Ruth Maxwell setting off for school on their bicycles in East Africa in 1938. 1938 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 66k
100287 Back row (left to right): Albert Allen, Phyllis Barras, Joyce Ritcher, Joyce Freeman, Esmie Dilling, John Rigby. Front row: Patricia Brotherhood, Kitty Gillson, Doreen DeArth, Frances Spicer. This picture was taken by an unknown photographer on one of the side lawns between the Press and the Stanborough woods. The baptismal group was prepared for baptism by Pastor Stanley Bull, mostly in classes held in the sub-gallery of the Stanborough Park church on Sabbath afternoons. The final examination was given by Pastor DeArth. The classes were open to any young church member so Leslie Williams went as well. After the baptism each candidate was given a copy of "Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing", and a pocket sized edition of "Steps to Christ" on behalf of the Young People's Society. This was done by Dr Bruce A M Williamson from the Sanitarium, who was the Superintendent of the YPS. As of Spring 2004 Leslie Williams still has both of these books, and those of his late wife Kitty. They knew Bruce Williamson and his sister Heather from the Vincent Hill School in Mussoorie, India, where they shared classes with Leslie's oldest sister Nina and his oldest brother John. Both Bruce and Heather studied medicine at Loma Linda and received their MDs there. 1938 Leslie A Williams - private collection 129k
100306 British Union Conference Ministerial Institute. May 9-17 1938. Photograph taken from printed material therefore not of very high quality. All lists read left to right. Front row: Joseph Harker, Miss K E Felton, Miss G Jones, Miss M Mason, Miss V Warren, Miss M John, Miss D Taylor, Miss F Barr-Hamilton, Miss M Keough, Miss R Chappell, Miss L Futcher, Miss I Himsworth, Miss E D Brown, Miss J Mitchell, Miss B Buck, Miss A M Beazley, Miss E Stendall, Miss M M Campbell, D J Clarke. Second row: Dr B Williamson, E E Craven, F W Goodall, W L Emmerson, A Warren, J Rigby, A Carey, O M Dorland, W E Read, W A Spicer, H W Lowe, W T Bartlett, R S Joyce, Dr J E Cairncross, G D King, S G Hyde, W H Meredith, E R Colson, J I Robinson. Third row: S Joyce, C A Reeves, Miss D Casey, Miss E Guntrip, Miss J Archibald, Miss A McRorie, Miss J Hyde, Mis N Ritson, Miss O C Davies, Miss W Buckle, Miss E Adair, Miss M Clements, Miss M Kirby, Miss E Cleary, Miss K Mahon, Miss E B Pinch, Miss A Mallory, Miss M Hamblin, Miss H Ford, Miss I H Williams, Miss J Handysides, Miss A F Clarke, J B West, H F DeAth, A S Rodd, D Handysides. Fourth row: B A Walton, T H Cooper, E Ashton, R Vince, L D Vince, J G Bevan, N H Knight, W J Young, F A Spearing, J H Parkin, F C Bailey, D M Swaine, F Edwards, A H Thompson, W R A Madgwick, S G Joyce, W Maudsley, H K Munson, R T Bolton, F W Coppock, R H Smith, J Mustard, E Butters, J H Bayliss, J C Craven. Fifth row: H W Armstrong, F J Wilmshurst, G W Bailey, A G Tapping, H Humphries, H W McCrow, H D Clarke, J J Gillatt, C R Bonney, P Cummings, D Morrison, G A Keough, H T Johnson, C Smith, B F Kinman, W J Bunting, J E Bell, D Conrow, J A McMillan, O H Rosier, A K Armstrong, R A Freeth, C T Bannister, H Benwell, W G Baldry, F S Jackson, L A Watson, G R Bell, L G Hardinge, W G Nicholson, E R Warland, A W Cook, W J Cannon, J C French, B E Sparrow, J R Lewis, B Belton, E Zins, J H Craven, K Elias. 1938 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 91k
100553 Emily Mary Powell (1880 to 1972). Wife of W E Read and grandmother or Dr Derald Barham. There is a stamped date on the back of the photo, 15 March 1939. 1939 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 36k
100327 British Union Conference Committee, 1939. Front: J A McMillan (Scottish President), Oscar M Dorland (South England President), Alexander Carey (Secretary Treasurer), Harry W Lowe (BUC President), Robert S Joyce (North England President), S George Hyde (Welsh President), Edward (Ted) E Craven (Irish President). Middle: Nelson H Knight (Treasury?), Arthur Warren (Press Manager), Miss Mary Campbell, Miss Gwynneth Jones (Mrs Jim Willis), George D King (P D Secretary), Miss K Feltham (Treasurer's Secretary), Miss Lois Futcher (Mrs Normington), John Rigby (Senior) (Granose Manager), W G C Murdoch (Newbold College Principal). Back: Albert H Thompson (Mission Treasurer), Walter Leslie Emmerson (Editor), Walter G Baldry (Cashier?), Dr L Cairncross (Stanborough Sanitarium Medical Director). 1939 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 104k
100583 West African Council, Nigeria. March 10-20, 1939. Also available at two higher resolutions. The original of this photo is only postcard size but it is of very high quality. 1939 Mike Lewis Collection 121k
100349 Granose Foods Staff 1939. Personnel identified by Pat Allen (nee Brotherhood) 2007. Front row left to right: 1. Chris(?) Walton (Pete and John Walton's Dad). 2. Mr Clement. 3. Les Brookes (brother of Ada). 4. Mr Bannister(?). 5. John Rigby Senior (Manager). 6. Harry Benwell. 7. Mr Coombs (no relation!). 8. (?). 9. George Annis?. Row 2 left to right: 10. Norah Hammit. 11. Myrtle Hyde. 12. Hessie Morris (later married John Rigby – Sandra’s mother). 13. Joyce Richter (later married Reg Archer) (sister of Myrtle Hyde). 14. Frances Brooks. 15. Phyllis Barras. 16. Kate Rylah. 17. Esme Dilling. 18. Marge Gilsen (later married Freddie Les Brookes). 19. Gwen Clarke. 20. ?. 21. Joyce Goodhall. Row 3 left to right: 22. Arthur Sanders. 23. Frances Spicer. 24. Joan Wheeler (another relative of Pete Walton). 25. Margery or Marjorie Brookes. 26. Pat Brotherhood (later married Bert Allen). 27. Doris Benwell (nee Allen). 28. Joyce Freeman. 29. Annie Booker. 30. Miss LaVierge. 31. Oliver McCrow (later married Alec Dibble). Row 4 left to right: 32. 'Freddie Les' Brookes. 33. ?. 34. Reg Archer. 35. Charlie Tew. 36. ?. 37. Doreen de'Ath. 38. Bert Allen (brother of Doris Benwell who was sister-in-law of Harry Benwell). 39. Mabel Beck. 40. Freddie Warren. 41. Agnes Poulton. 42. Billy McClure. 43. Kitty Gilsen (later married Leslie Williams). 44. Pete Thirkell (father of Dawn Tompkins). 45. John Rigby Junior (father of Sandra). 46. Henry Poulton. 47. Hubert Brookes. Very back row left to right: 48. Harry Poulton (brother of Agnes and son of Henry). 49. John Cash. 50. Albert Johnson. 51. Roland Hamblin. 52. Mr Gilsen. 53. Gordon Clarke (partially concealed behind Henry Poulton).  1939 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 75k
100559 Ron Vince in his car at Cheltenham - his first post after Newbold at the beginning or just before the war - '39-40. 1939? Derald and Romy Barham Collection 71k
100114 Unknown group. Typed on back is: "Photo: E. Zins, 13.3.1940." 1940 BUC 005 
100372 "Wartime Heroes". There is text on the back of this photo labelled "Mess 7/1977" as follows: WARTIME HEROES When this picture was taken our country had just survived the horror of the Battle of Britain, when its destiny seemed to hang precariously in the balance against overwhelming Nazi odds. To the devout, this titanic air battle provided proof of a kindly Providence which preserved this bastion of religious liberty, and thereby the world, against brutal neo-paganism. It also occasioned one of the most memorable of Churchill's comments: 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.' The time, of course, was the summer of 1940. Engaged in a vastly more fateful battle were the above ministerial workers of the North England Conference – mostly young men and women who heroically laboured on the evangelistic battlefront, despite nightly bombs, blackouts, and inevitable disruptions in a country which, alone of all the warring nations whether Axis or Allies, directed its total resources into the will to win. We are indebted to Miss Elsie Pratt, Bible instructor, now retired, and a member of the Watford Town church, for sending us this picture. Personnel are (front row from left): R A Freeth, J C French,* D J Clarke,* J Lewis,* S H Parkin, D J Handysides, B Kinman, K A Elias. (Second row, from left): Bernard Seton (now a General Conference secretary), F D Buckle* (Conference treasurer), J I Robison* (GC visitor, Educational Department), W T Bartlett,* R S Joyce* (Conference president), H W Lowe (British Union president), Joseph Harker* (Department director, hymn-writer and composer, and compiler of New Advent Hymnal), B B Belton* (Publishing Director), James Bell.* (Third row, from left): F W Coppock,* H W McCrow,* W J Cannon (now at the General Conference), Lamont Murdoch, S G Joyce, A F Bird,* W Maudsley,* W R A Madgwick, W Lennox, F Edwards. (Back row from left): Miss J Handysides, Miss Bessie Cleary behind Mrs Brooks (mother of Beulah, Mrs J C French), Miss E Pratt, Miss E Adair,* Miss E Buck, Miss M Clement, Miss J Mitchell, Miss A F Clark,* Miss M Beasley, Miss E Stendall, Miss H Ford.* (*Deceased). R D VINE, Editor, Messenger 7/1977. 1940 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 63k
100478 1940 Kenneth Lacey and Gordon Hyde in centre in Newbold blazers. 1940 Stephen Lacey - private collection 43k
100250 Portrait photo of Clifford T Bannister, taken around 1940. Also available at higher resolution. He went to Africa about 1939. 1940 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 64k
100507 Caption reads "Press Girls". Front row: Margaret (Willoughby) Logan, Molly Richiter, Elsie Rhodes, Hazel Saundes, Joyce Selby (Griffiths) Second row: Lilian Parker, Elsie Throssell (Bull), Pam Weston, Ina Ehite, Martaret DeAth. Third row: Ruth Davey, Peggy Griffiths, Joan Minchin. 1940s E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 100k
100560 Douglas and Rita Brailsford's wedding. Rita's maiden name was "Margarita John". She was originally from Armenia and worked as a Bible worker in Reading. The couple had two sons, Paul and Phillip. 1940s Derald and Romy Barham Collection 97k
100130 Ministerial Meetings at Newbold College. Front standing row on left: Pastor Charles Watson. Third standing row 5th in with glasses: Fred Pearse. Behind and to the left: Victor Coopert and Howard Parkin. Behind Fred Pearse directly Ken Elias. Eddie Foster directly behind middle seated gentleman. 1940s late Marilyn Jerome - private collection 88k
100135 Fletewood School - view from front 1940s? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 80k
100567 Unknown group. A K Armstrong, fifth row from front, extreme right. Daisy Knight (Cyril Vesey's aunt) standing in light suit third from the left on the second row from the back. Renie (?) Johnson sixth from right, fourth row from front. Note: A K Armstrong is believed to be the uncle of W W Armstrong. 1940s? Cyril Vesey Collection 110k
100580 Portrait of A H Thompson. 1940s? Mike Lewis Collection 31k
100071 An event at the New Gallery. 1940s? BUC 004 
100067 MV gathering, possibly in Moor Close, Newbold. Left to right: Back row: Terry Gallivan, John Bevan, Roy Hulbert (holding chin), Audrey Proudley, Grace Henley, Reg Burgess, .. , Frank Wood. Next row: Idris Huzzey, .. , Winnie Hyde, Rachel Surridge. Near front: .. , ? Todd, .. 1940s? late BUC 004 87k
100368 BUC Ministerial Workers, 1941. Duplicate. For information see photograph 100321. 1941 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 79k
100390 BUC Ministerial Workers, 1941. Duplicate. For information see photograph 100321. 1941 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 95k
100450 1941 group at Newbold graduation. Mr and Mrs Arthur Lacey in background. 1941 Stephen Lacey - private collection 110k
100451 Summer colporteur students at Newbold Revel. 1941 Stephen Lacey - private collection 83k
100259 Kavirondo workers (Kenya). Clifford T Bannister on left with round glasses. Back row, left to right: C Hyde, Spencer George Maxwell, R Carey, Frederick Herbert Thomas, ? , S Beardsell. Seated lady with angled dark hat is Mrs F Thomas. 1941 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 122k
100307 BUC Ministerial Workers, 1941. Duplicate. For information see photograph 100321. 1941 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 81k
100321 Information from back of photo: "BUC Ministerial Workers, 1941, Stanborough Park, Watford. Front row (left to right): ?, W Maudsley, A Warren, W L Emmerson, J A McMillan, S G Hyde, G D King, W T Bartlett, W G Read, Harry W Lowe (Pres), A Casey?, W H Meredith, R S Joyce, E E Craven, Joseph Harker, W G C Murdoch (dark hair), Jack M Howard, A F Bird, ?. Second row: ? , ? , Miss Donaldson, ? , ? , Batty Jacques, Connie Richards?, ? , ? . Third row: ? , ? , Rose Gowlett, ? , ? , Eunice Powell, ? , ? , Leila Handysides, ? , ... fourth from the end is Veronica Warren. Fifth row: Six unknown, then Jock McGoogan, O M Dorland, E B Phillips, six unknown, then Eddie H Foster. Sixth row: Pastor Rodd (wearing clerical coller), W D Buckle, ? , John Lewis, Danny Handysides, ? , ? , A Cook. Seventh row: ? , ? , ? , R D Vine, Bob Bainbridge, A C Vine, E E White, J Woodfield, George Bell, K Elias, Bill Nicholson, six unknown then, B E Sparrow, ? . Eigth row: ? , Pastor Shaw , ? , E R Warland, ? , N H Knight, ? , Ron Vince, W Armstrong?, ? , ? , G Roper, K Lacey, A Howard, H Parkin. 1941 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 66k
100233 Harry and Ada Robson in East Africa 1942 Stanley Maxwell Collection 74k
100144 Pastor Arthur Lacey's evangelistic handbill. 1943 Stephen Lacey - private collection 192k
100153 Ken Lacey evangelistic leaflet. Technical College, Coventry. Attendance at the Coventry meetings in 1943 ranged between 250 and 350. At the end of the series, 16 were baptised. 1943 Stephen Lacey - private collection 114k
100154 Ken Lacey. Coventry Evangelistic campaign advert. 1943 Stephen Lacey - private collection 85k  
100155 Ken Lacey evangelistic handbill "Hitler's Doom Foreold". 1943 Stephen Lacey - private collection 67k
100576 Newbold Graduation 1943. R Howlett, V Cooper, P Standen, A Brandt, D Fraderwick, R Scarr, M Turner, A Hartland, A Watson, B Cross, E Hulbert, R Dorland, B Cowley, P Cooling, C Watson, P Hawlett, J Handysides, E Taylor, M Musgrave, A Abbot. 1943 Mike Lewis Collection 54k
100268 Spencer George Maxwell with his wife by a car in Nyassaland, 1944. 1944 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 100k
100573 Pastor Walter and Mrs Myrtle Newman with son David. Picture taken on David's first birthday. 1944 Mike Lewis Collection 47k
100582 The East Nigerian Workers. February 1944. Also available at higher resolution. 1944 Mike Lewis Collection 98k
100373 Newbold College graduating class, 1945. 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 53k  
100374 First of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 19k  
100375 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 20k  
100376 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 17k  
100377 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 19k  
100378 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 17k  
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