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100384 A better version of this photo is 100291. The original of this photograph is large and of high quality. However it was too big to be scanned on a flat bed scanner and hence a photograph of the picture was taken with a digital camera. The resulting quality is not good and a scanned version should be obtained when possible. Documentation gives date as 1910-1911. Identification of people originally done by W W Armstrong: Top row (all rows left to right): J Beer, W Stringer, Pierson, H Sparks, E B Phillips, Sorenson, H Daniells, Townsend, L E A Lane, ? , Fred Chapman, Smith? Second row: T Glover (brother of Mrs De Ath), E E Craven, A Watson, Vallence, Plummer, T Mays, J J Hyde, J Nichols, T Baker, Sallé (male nurse), P Prescott. Third row: R Millwood, Lionel Barras, ? , P Bates, Kocktenen (Finland), F Archer, W J Young, F S Jackson, Hill, ?. Fourth row: Miss Anderson, Mrs W Maudsley, N Spicer (Mrs Knight), Madge Keough (Mrs Hyde), Gladys Davies, Miss A Dobson (Mrs L Murdoch), Evelyn Brewer, Miss Sorenson, Loto Wakeham, May Armstrong (Mrs Craven), Hilda Graves (Ashton). Fifth row: Miss Stafford (Cook), G Curdy (French), S Joyce, Miss Daisy Bacon, H R Salisbury, H Camden Lacey, Mrs Lacey, Glen Wakeham, G Baird, W Halliday. Front row (on grass): ? , Lottie Michelmoor (Mrs Chappel), Hilda Blair (Mrs A Watson), Miss Lenanton, Gwendoline Lacey (Mrs Chanly), Miss P Pemberton, Lois Wakeham (Mrs Lane), Rosie Norris (first wife of F Archer).  1911 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 98k
100019 N J Marriner 1911 Adina Marriner - private collection   
100291 Stanborough College. 1910-1911. For details see information on photo ID 100384 which is another version of the same photograph. 1911 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 110k
100358 On the back of this photo is a clipping from the Messenger as follows: An Inflexible Rule. Until World War II, the British Union Conference had an unwritten but quite inflexible rule that candidates for the Gospel ministry must spend at least two summers or six months in front-time literature-evangelism. The experience was deemed vital for ministerial training, and regardless of a student's academic prowess or his (or her) financial resources, was insisted upon before entry into full-time ministerial or Bible instructor service would be considered. It was as necessary as College Graduation itself. The rule was wise and good. Student-colporteurs generally conceded that the experience wrought more practical good in terms of character and personality development, than did their academic training. Above is a group of British student colporteurs of 1912. It includes celebrated and well-known names. The picture was sent by Broth Paul R Belton of Wolverhampton, architect son of the late ex-missionary to Africa, T G Belton – who actually took the photograph by means of a self-operating device. All but one of these Stanborough College students are holding prospectuses of the book they sold that summer: nine sold Bible Readings, one sold The Great Controversy, and two young ladies sold Christ's Object Lessons. Brother Belton comments: 'It is interesting to think that The Great Controversy and Christ's Object Lessons were, at that time, by a contemporary author' (E G White died in 1915). We are indebted to ex-missionary Sister Belton, (Paul's mother,) for identifications. Front (from left): W McClements (for many years president of the West Africa Union Mission); E E (Ted) Craven (evangelist and mission president); Miss Ansty; Marjorie Brown (later Mrs Cooper, wife of the late Pastor T H Cooper, mother of Pastor V H Cooper); Brother Halford; Lionel Barrass (leading British evangelist of the early 1920s). Back row: Brother Bates; F W Coppock (minister in the NBC; father of Mrs R A Burgess); Arthur S Maxwell (minister, editor, author. Writer of 100 popular books including the 10-volume Bible Stories, and 48 volumes of Bedtime Stories); Brother Bayliss; S G Maxwell (minister, administrator, pioneer missionary, Brother of Arthur Maxwell); Brother Cuthbert (missionary); T G Belton (missionary). 'There were giants in the land in those days.' R D VINE, Editor 1912 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 94k
100292 Stanborough College. 1911-1912. 1912 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 100k
100343 Hull group. 1912. 1912 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 99k
100367 Stanborough College, 1912-1913. Second copy. Top row: W McClements, S G Hyde, W Cuthbert, W Tepponi (from Russia), F L Chapman, J Kennedy, A S Maxwell, E Ashton, J Hollis, E Twamley, J Beer, ? , H Howard. Second row: F Archer, F Bates, W Halliday, U Upcar (from Turkey), T H Cooper, B Pierson, F C Bailey, Evenson, J Townend, H Daniels, A E Metzner, E E Craven. Third row: F S Jackson, M Tinard, ? , Daphne Camden Lacey, Phyllis Pemberton, Mabe Marris, Eunice Cummings, Jean Bastow, Alice Carrot, Enid Marris, Gladys Davis, Phyllis Wray, C Thicke, Crowder, S Maxwell. Fourth row: R Millwood, Mrs T C Belton (note on back of photo saying Mrs S G Maxwell, mother of Stanley), Iris Wakeham (Mrs L E A Lane), ? , ? , May Armstrong, E Brewer, N H Knight, W G Till. Fifth row: D Barras, E Brett, F Brown, Miss Marks (Matron), Glen Wakeham, Elder W H Wakeham, H Camden Lacey, Dr Hayton, G Baird, ? , Miss E Stafford, C Murray, H Wright. Front row: O M Dorland, H Perrin, Miss Norah Spicer (Mrs N H Knight), Mrs D Watson, Hilda Blair, Brown, Madge Brett (Mrs W W Armstrong), J M Howard?. 1913 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 95k
100293 Stanborough College. 1912-1913. 1913 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 91k
100595 Pioneer Missionaries' Group in Burma. Their wives, some children, and local workers, gather to bid farewell to their founder members: Pastor H H Votaw & Mrs Votaw, who returned to the USA in 1913-14 due to the failing health of Pastor Votaw at that time. Back row (left to right): Mr DeNoyer, Mrs A H Williams, (?), Dr H C Menkle, (?), Mrs G A Hamilton, Pastor G A Hamilton, Pastor Votaw, (?), (?), Mr A H Williams (later Dr), Pastor Thurber, (?). Seated row (left to right): Mrs DeNoyer, Mrs Thurber (I believe), Mrs Votaw, (?), (?). Children seated on the ground not known. Additional information received from Mark Steevens, July 2008: "There are two unidentified persons in thephoto who I believe are Pastor Robert A Beckner and Mrs Beckner. There is a reasonable photograph of these two [in an illustration in] Robert Thurber's book. Pastor Beckner is standing at Heber Votaw's left, with his wife seated directly in front of him. I have a personal interest in this time period and location, as my family (Alfred William and Daniel William Steevens) were directly involved both with the Rangoon church and the Industrial School at Meiktila and knew most, if not all of these people." 1913 Leslie A Williams - private collection 136k
100365 Battersea Conference Workers' Meeting, 1914 1914 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 120k
100294 Stanborough College. 1913-1914. 1914 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 89k
100330 College group, First World War. 1914-1918? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 81k
100318 Students at Stanborough College. Information on the back of the photo indicates that the photo was used in the Messenger number 22. There is a date stamp on the back of the photo reading "13 October 1976" and a note saying "copy of original returned to Pastor S G Hyde". From left: Spencer G Maxwell, F C Bailey, ? Taylor, Arthur S Maxwell, O M Dorland, Worsley W Armstrong, Ernest Ashton. 1914/15 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 75k
100228 Ministerial Licence for A H Williams. 1915 Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 37k
100295 Stanborough College. 1914-1915. 1915 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 81k
100355 Seventh-day Adventist Dartmoor prisoners in 1917. 1917 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 83k
100229 Ministerial Credentials document for A H Williams. 1917 Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 38k
100314 Prisoners of War. Information on back of photo says: "Adventist conscripts of World War I, photographed in 1917. BACK ROW: J McGeachy, W. Coppock, W W Armstrong (for several years British Union President - died 16 April 1970), A Penson, Jesse Clifford (missionary to West Africa). MIDDLE ROW: S Williams, D Barras (died 1969), A F Bird, H W Lowe (British Union Conference for several years before, and during World War II), F Archer (died 1969 or 1970). FRONT ROW: G Norris (Manager of Granose Foods, and pioneer factory builder in South America), H Archer, W G Till (Missionary for many years in West Africa). Not present when the picture was taken was J Hollis? This picture used in BAM 26 - December 1973? 1917 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 114k
100342 Early Ingatherers. Clipping on the back of this photo as follows: INGATHERING for mission outreach was a fairly new idea when this photograph of the Casburn boys was taken in 1917. The Casburn family of Wellingborough are well known in the Church. Mrs L Casburn (nee Saunders) sent us the picture, and writes: 'The photograph was taken by Brother Syroh Ogura a student from Japan to Stanborough College, who used to visit Wellingborough in the holidays with a friend of his, Brother Arthur Sanders of Stanborough Park who comes from the Northants district. The boys used to walk to nearby villages with a senior member, Miss M Hyde, collect what they could, then walk home again after having a few sandwiches, with just a shilling or two in their boxes. In 1919 the Wellingborough church was awarded a certificate stating it had collected at least £2 per member – an achievement in which the young people had quite a share. Now, sixty years after, the three youngest 'boys' are still doing active service in the Northants churches. The eldest died at the early age of twenty-five after a short illness. All have held various offices including that of elders. We thank God for their faithfulness over the years. Mrs L Casburn. In the picture are (standing from left), Daniel, Frank, and Tom, Edward is sitting. 1917 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 41k
100222 India Union Committee, Lucknow. Back Row: G G Lowery; I F Blue; R D Brisbin; C F Lowery; G W Pettit; M M Mattison; V L Mann. Front Row: L J Burgess; J E Fulton; F H De Vinney; W W Fletcher; H C Menkel; A H Williams, then only 28 years old. Photo taken at 17 Abbotts Road, Lucknow, U.P. India. Leslie Williams lived at this address for seven years and it is the house in which his mother died on 31 January 1933 when he was ten years old. The mulberry bush behind G G Lowery conceals the window to her bedroom.  1917 November Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 

100422 1918. 1918 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 97k
100426 BUC, 1918. Possibly taken outside annex. W E Read is first on the left on third row. 1918 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 120k
100290 Conference Leaders 1918 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 105k
100003 British Union Conference. Including: W E Reid, Bartlett 1919 Adina Marriner - private collection 87k
100348 BUC Committee 1919. On the back of this photo is a clipping from the Messenger (11/78) as follows: GOLDEN AGE OF RESPECT Madgwick is a household name among senior British Adventists, Dr W R A Madgwick was for many years a highly successful British evangelist, who also served as principal of Newbold College before responding to a call to serve on the staff of Atlantic Union College in the USA. Now retired, Dr Madgwick is keenly interested in the Home Country. He has a long memory, and particularly enjoys the 'Historic Picture' feature in 'Messenger'. He sent us the above picture of members of the British Union Conference Committee dated December, 1919. He was a student at Stanborough College at the time (Newbold's penultimate predecessor). The picture was taken at the north end of Stanborough College (now the School) by Brother W H Smith, a Leeds man on vacation from service in Bombay, India. Dr Madgwick writes: 'I was a student at college at that time, and can well remember the welcome and veneration which we students gave to the distinguished guests from the General Conference.' He provided details of the above – initials and all, and continues: 'They are all now deceased with the possible exception of W H Hurlow. Front (from left): S G Haughey (American serving in Britain), H J Edmed, W A Spicer (at that time, GC secretary, but served many years as GC president), A G Daniels (GC president), M N Campbell (BUC president), W T Knox (GC treasurer), W T Bartlett (editor, minister, missionary, author, and Newbold College principal – Bartlett Hall is named for him), J J Gillatt. Middle (from left); F S Jackson, F A Spearing, W E Read (at that time Stanborough Press manager, also BUC president, Northern European Division president, GC secretary, etc.), W H Meredith (BUC president, etc.), Harry E Armstrong, G D Keough (at that time a missionary on furlough from the Middle East, a Bible student and teacher sana parell, Newbold's Keough House named for him), Ernest Ashton, Glen Wakeham (Stanborough College principal). Top (from left): H F De'Ath, J C Stewart (Sanitarium manager), J Camp (Granose Foods manager), William Maudsley, Dr F C Shone (founder of Walthamstow school), R Mussen, H D Clarke (BUC treasurer), Dr G A S Madgwick (Sanitarium medical director. Later, a medical missionary to Africa), W H Hurlow (missionary on furlough from Africa). Messenger 11/78. 1919 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 91k
100241 Group of workers in British East Africa. On the left is Spencer George Maxwell with Mrs G M Maxwell seated and holding a child. 1920 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 97k
100263 Missionaries to Kenya in 1920. W T Bartlett is seated on the front row, not wearhing his pith helmet. Back right is Spencer George Maxwell and Mrs Maxwell is in front of him with a child on her knee. 1920 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 99k
100296 Newcastle Wokers' Convention, 1920. On the back of this photo is a clipping, presumably from an edition of the Messenger, of an article by R D Vine: "We are indebted to Mrs. Vera Dietz (nee Smith) of the Newcastle-on-Tyne church for this picture of the North England Conference ministerial workers attending a convention in Newcastle shortly after World War I. From left to right: (front row): Pastors Samuel F. Tonks (who was eventually responsible for building the fine Reading church); Frederick A. Spearing (one-gime SEC president and Stanborough College principal); ? ; Richard Mussen (a liner captain before his conversion); M. N. Campbell (BUC president); Alfred E. Bacon (NEC president. His wife behind him; his daughter, Alfreda, in front - wife of Pastor D. A. Conroy); A. Rodd (father of Pastor Bob Rodd); J. E. Bell; Joseph Harker (minister, musician, composer, hymnbook editor. He prepared the Advent Hymnal, Advent Hymnal Revised, and the current New Advent Hymnal - his 'swansong' as he put it). Behind the latter is Pastor E. E. Craven (Ted), noted evangelist of the twenties and thirties, and later president of the Irish Mission. To Pastor Craven's right is Pastor W. J. Young (author of Anglo-Israelism at a time when the inter-denominational movement known as british Israelism was strong and militant - an error still held by Armstrong's Radio Church of God. Pastor Young actually died while circulating Gospel literature in his evangelistic effort). First right (third row) is Mr. and Mrs. Harry Casson, one of the denomination's outstanding lay preachers and soul winners. Their home church was Sheffield. He was instrumental in indroducing Pastor W. L. Emmerson to the truth, and also the morhter of the late Pastor G. D. King. First left back row, is Pastor F. W. Goodall, for many years director of the BUC Youth Department; and extreme right, back row, is the fater of Pastors Edgar and Roy Hulbery, and Mrs. Joyce Hill of Plymouth (teacher and headmistress). Pastor Lionel Barras and Valence, Sisters Horsepool, Scott, and Baldwin, are somewhere in the picture; also Mr. and Mrs. Crowder, parents-in-law of the late A. S. Maxwell (minister, editor, and author of over 100 books including Bedtime Stories, and Bible Stories). With the exception of Mrs. Alfreda Conroy (still very much in the land of the living) all we have actually identified are now dead, awaiting the great day which to them as to us was 'the Blessed Hope'. All were spiritual titans in their day. Many descendants still hold high the torch, but mostly in other lands. R. D. Vine, editor." 1920 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 83k
100347 Welsh Conference Committee. Note that the Welsh Conference existed from 1919 to 1924. The chair of the committee was W H Meredith. Poor quality - taken from a printed source. 1920? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 89k
100564 Students at Stanborough College. Possibly Cyril Vesey's mother at the extreme right on the back row. 1920s Cyril Vesey Collection 140k
100100 MV Camp somewhere in North England. This is a very old photo and could be quite important. It shows 17 people in various MV type outfits. In the distance is what looks like a campsite. Sixth from left on back row (fourth from right) with glasses and a parting, could be Harry Baldwin, father of Valerie Dust. Second from left on middle row: Nurse Jenny Handysides (sister of John and Danny, from Newcastle). Extreme right of middle row: Mr Cummings ? According to Vernette Wheeler, the daughter of Pastor Daniel J Handysides, the nurse in the picture is indeed Jenny Handysides, sister to her dad. Jenny was 17 years older than Daniel. 1920s ? BUC 005 78k
100565 Students at Stanborough College. 1920s? Cyril Vesey Collection 123k
100570 Pastor John Gillatt. Date guessed from picture of him (id=100315) with his parents dated 1907. 1920s? Cyril Vesey Collection 53k
100256 Group of workers in 1921. 1921 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 121k
100328 Stanborough College before its first extension in 1922. 1922 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 94k
100417 1923 1923 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 91k
100332 1923 graduates of Stanborough Missionary College. Clipping with this photo as follows: "1923 GRADUATES OF STANBOROUGH MISSIONARY COLLEGE (predecessor of Newbold College), Watford. Ladies (from left): Gladys Lister, J Tealby, ?, Miss Anderson, Olive Davies (Bible instructor for many years), Miss Masender, Miss Basher, Winifred Willis (church school teacher). Men (from left): George D King (president, publishing leader, missionary, etc.), *H K Munson (minister), *Andrew Barr, *John G Bevan (minister), Robert S Joyce (president of North and South England, evangelist, president in USA), *Ronald Freeth (minister), *Edwin G Essery (pastor, doctor, missionary). *Known to be alive. Dr Essery is still serving as a missionary doctor in West Africa. Picture supplied by Pastor H K Munson." 1923 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 66k
100364 Stanborough School pupils, 1924. Clipping on the back of this photo as follows: CO-OPERATION WITH CHRIST Here's a refreshing reminder of the heyday of British Imperialism – days of stability, good behaviour, safe society, and a general earnestness. Appropriate, too, in this Adventist Education Year, 1978. These are Stanborough School pupils, 1924 – the year of Wembley's gigantic Empire Exhibition. Here are demure girls like peas in a pod – in standard gear white blouses, blue gym slips, black stockings, flat shoes, generally bobbed hair – a sartorial uniformity common throughout Britain which served as a salubrious leveller. The boys, too, with uniform caps and badges, school blazers, school ties, grey shorts, long socks. The uniformity created respect for the school and had strong disciplinary significance. Regrettably, and in subservience to the modern zeitgeist, almost anything goes today – no matter what the sphere. 'Do your thing' is the modern guiding principle. Mrs Emma Balderstone (nee Pinch) sent us the picture. She's on it, of course, with several others who are well known. First row (from left): Headmistress Miss A E West (saintly and strict), Clarice Throssell, Irene Otten, Ivy Leach, Elsie Throssell (now wife of Pastor Hector Bull), Frances Hayes, Amy Evensen (wife of Ron Coombs of VOP fame as King's Herald Quartet second tenor), Emma Pinch (wife of Albert Balderstone), ?, and Miss Eva Hyde (teacher). Middle row: Gladys Willis (now Mrs Clarke, mother of Nigel and Roger), the Stanborough Press window shows above her head; last two on the middle row are Doreen Swinford and Mona Evensen. Tallest on back row is Todd Murdoch (see 'Messenger' No. 23, page 3, for his story under the 'Historic Picture' – it's good). Christ 'gave Himself for the uplifting of the fallen and the sinful. Can we imagine an education higher than that to be gained in co-operation with Him?' (Counsels to Teachers, page 35). R D Vine, Editor. 1924 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 73k
100001 College 1924 Adina Marriner - private collection 95k
100008 N J Marriner 1924 Adina Marriner - private collection 107k  
100345 George McCreedy Price at Stanborough College, 1924. On the back of this photo is a clipping from the Messenger (14/15 1978) as follows: WORLD CHAMPION OF CREATIONISM Among the most celebrated of the world's Creationists was the late Professor George McCready Price (left in the picture). He is standing with Pastor Lewis H Christian, then president of the Church's European Division. The date: 1924. The place: Stanborough College, Stanborough Park, Watford – where Prof. Price was College principal, and also teacher of geology. Brother Price, a Canadian, died in 1963 aged 93. He early accepted the Advent truth and then entered the literature ministry. Throughout his long life and ministry, he was an indomitable defender of the faith, and a relentless opponent of evolution. He was known and respected throughout the scientific world. He wrote many books on geology from a Biblical basis. Some titles are: God's Two Books, The New Geology, If You Were the Creator, Genesis Vindicated, Common-sense Geology, and many others. While serving the British College he engaged in a widely reported public debate on the theme of Creation versus Evolution, in London's Central Hall, with the celebrated Joseph McCabe – ex-Roman Catholic, ex-monk, ex-priest turned atheistic evolutionist. Mrs L J Ponder (Bible Instructor and literature-evangelist) kindly sent us the above picture. She identifies the lady in the background as Mrs Howard, Stanborough College matron. Information for new members: Stanborough College was the predecessor of Newbold College, and is now the Stanborough School. Few men have done as much for the cause of Creationism in a time of tremendous challenge, than College principal George McCready Price. He knew that the whole structure of Christian doctrine is validated by the truth of Creation and the Fall. Those who were students in Professor Price's time remember him as a thoroughly dedicated Christian, and a thoroughly strict disciplinarian of the no-nonsense type. R D VINE, Editor Messenger 14/15, 78  1924 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 40k
100274 Spencer George Maxwell conducting a baptism in Uganda around 1924. 1924? Stanley Maxwell - private collection 118k
100442 Graduation group at Stanborough College, 1925. Back row, fourth from left, is W G C Murdoch. 1925 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 84k
100269 Spencer George Maxwell and family on the left. Arthur Bull and family on the right. Taken at the Suji Mission, Pare, Tanganyika. 1925 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 105k
100276 Portrait of Spencer George Maxwell and family in 1925. Also available at higher resolutions. 1925 Stanley Maxwell - private collection 46k
100122 Fletewood school. Fred Pearse (b. Dec 1919) is on the front row at the extreme left. His sister Joan Pearse (born c 1908, and later married Vivian Palmer) is on the second row, seated, second from the right, beside the two teachers. Fred and Joan Pearse are the father and aunt respectively of Marilyn Jerome. Back row second from left is Ronald Coombs, 5th Cyril Youlden, 6th Arthur Mills, then Eddie Foster. The Teacher on the left is Miss Willis and then Miss Hyde.  1925 approx Marilyn Jerome - private collection 89k  
100329 Sanitarium staff around 1925. 1925? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 81k
100389 Stanborough Press staff. 1926? Second row (from left): Pastor J C Craven, ?, Ernie Trace, ? , Mary Vine, ?, ?, Mr Carey, J H Craven, ? , ? . Front row: Mr Freeth, ? , Pastor Warren, Pastor Maxwell, ? ,? , ?. 1926 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 105k
100419 Poor quality original. Mission band, 1925-1926. 1926 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 75k
100502 Stanborough Park College Student Group, 1925-1926. Also available at higher resolutions. Original is damaged but high resolution. Back row: Jo Simms, J A MacMillan, , George Bell, Alec Locton, George Rogers, Harry Smith, Roy Coombe, , Matthew Murdoch, Arthur Vine, , , , , , Arthur Brooks, , Will Hyde, Ken Nickells, , , Douglass Lewis, , , , . Fourth row: , , , , , , , , , Harry Baldwin, , Edgar Warren, Todd Murdoch, , Leonard Vince, , , Ted Heppenstall, Wilf Proudley, , , Horace Humphries, , , A H Thompson, George Tapping. Third row: Florrie Bull, Martha Ruble, , Irene Brooks (Mrs J French), , , , , , Gladys Evenson (Mrs G Essery), Agnes Haining (Mrs Cairncross), , , , Miss Langford, Sylvia Jordan, Doreen Swinford, , Mary Ratcliffe, , Vera Ball (Mrs Beardsell), Zaria Druit, , , . Secind row: , , , Nancy Murdoch (Mrs Stanley Bull), , , , , Conrad Hyde, , , Pearl Nickells, Bessie Ratcliffe (Mrs W Kidd), , Margaret Heppenstall, Doris Watts, Gwen Nickells, Laura Chattle (Mrs David Nolan), Harry Baldwin, , Mona Evenson, , , , Gwen Clark, Hilda Ford, , . First row: Bert Haining, Billy Murdoch, Ethel Foster, Miss Sanders, Hope Hayton, ? Harding (Mrs R Joyce), ? Brown (Mrs Hargreaves), , Mrs Howard, Mrs McCready Price, Mr McCready Price, George Baird, Dr Ruble, Matron Crooks, Miss Wharrie, A C Carey, Dr McClements, Jack Ford, Mrs Denne, Miss Cummings, Eva Hyde, Rose Essery, Irene Bell, Nellie Frost. Sitting: , Hilda Carey, , Dorothy Hawkings, Clarice Throssell, , , ? Pearce, , .  1926 David Throssell - private collection 134k
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