Description Author Dates Covered Date Written
God Always Answers. Norah Marriner looks back over her life and retells some of her many memories of God's loving care. Norah Marriner 1899-1990 1998
The Story of Seventh-day Adventists in the British Isles 1902-1992. Special souvenir edition of the Messenger. Note that this pdf document is 9.4 Mb in size and may take some time to download. Right-click and select "Save Target As..." to save the whole magazine to your computer. Stanborough Press 1902-1992 1992
Establishing the British Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church 1863-1887. Originally presented as a doctoral dissertation. Pastor Rex Riches 1863-1887 1996
A Missionary Doctor's Autobiography. A personal account of life in the mission field. Dr Robert Buckley 1930-2000 2005
A Century of Adventism in the British Isles. A special edition of Messenger. Note that this file is in pdf format. Dr D N Marshall (Editor) 1900-2000 2000
Blessings of a Lifetime. A personal account of life in the Seventh-day Adventist ministry. Pastor K A Elias 1916-2000 2003
The life of Ernest Bernard Phillips. Mrs R N Surridge (nee Phillips) 1892-1977 c 2001
History of the Plymouth School. Joyce Hill 1919-1971 1971
History of the Aberdeen Church. Documenting the earliest beginnings of the church in Aberdeen. Mary Grieve 1903-1999 1999
Historical Sketch of the Dundee Church. Compiled from church records and personal memories. Document revised in 1999. J C Walton 1917-1977 1977
Personal Recollections of the Dundee Church. Nora Myles 1931-1960 1999
List of Ministers of the Dundee Church. Gordon Smith 1917-1999 1999
History of the Camp Hill Church. Including a list of preachers, a collection of quotations, and more. Ken Burt 1953-1997 1997
History of the Chesterfield Church. Initially compiled by Wilf Cupit, then edited and a supplement added by Stephen Ham. Wilf Cupit 1910-1999 1999
History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Scotland. Contributions from Ruth Farrer, Leslie Hill, John McDonald, Nora Myles, David Sutherland, and Margaret Whidden. Edited by Russell Bryan. Russell Bryan 1904-1992 1992
History of the Stanborough Park Church. Unknown 1927-1999 1999
Evangelism in Britain, 1947-1964 - by Pastor Kenneth Lacey. First published in the Messenger in 1978. Also available in MS Word format (411k). Pastor Ken Lacey 1947-1964 1978
I Loved Africa - by by S G Maxwell. (15.2 Mb). Self published by Stanley Maxwell (son of S G Maxwell), 1975 and 1976. Scanned February 2020. Made available by kind permission of the family.. S G Maxwell 1903-1946 1975
The Legacy of Jesse and Katie Clifford. The life journey of a farmers daughter from Tushingham in Cheshire and a carpenters son from South Stoke in Somerset. This is the true story of a WW1 refusnik and a farmers daughter who became missionaries. Jesse Clifford was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist religion who, although, he would have been a non combatent, refused to kill and was locked up in jail. Katie (nee Vernon) was a Cheshire farmers daughter who became a teacher near Bath and met Jesse. They spent their lives in West Africa as missionaries and in 2017, after their deaths, the Clifford University was opened in the state of Abia in Nigeria. Named after this dedicated couple. Available to buy from Amazon. Mary Watkin Jones