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IDDescriptionDateLocation of original photoViewThumbnail
100000 The Horspools' Health Food Shop in Sheffield. Unknown Adina Marriner - private collection   
100016 Hanson School, Bradford Unknown Adina Marriner - private collection   
100021 Arthur Maxwell Unknown Adina Marriner - private collection   
100025 Fletewood School (outside) Unknown BUC Office 001 
100026 Fletewood School group (inside) Unknown BUC Office 001 
100027 Walthamstow School - inside classroom. Teacher: Norman Wright. Unknown BUC Office 001 
100030 Aberdeen Church group Unknown BUC Office 001 
100288 British and Irish pastors in Canada. Left to right. Pastor Patrick (Paddy) Boyle, Pastor and Mrs George Emm with daughter, Pastor and Mrs Frederick Pearse, Pastor and Mrs Daniel Handysides, Pastor and Mrs. William Fraser and Pastor Dennis Uffindall.  Unknown Marilyn Jerome - private collection 97k  
100546 Gaye Shaw (wife of Pastor Leslie Shaw) on right with first child Esther. Unknown Derald and Romy Barham Collection 88k
100039 Leeds School. Class being taught by Barbara Clee. Unknown BUC Office 002 
100562 Roy Anderson campaign at Holloway church. Unknown Cyril Vesey Collection 102k
100563 Roy Anderson campaign at Holloway church, with choir. Baptism taking place. Unknown Cyril Vesey Collection 149k
100053 Scottish singing group. Andy McKie standing at the back. unknown BUC Office 004 
100054 Unknown speaker unknown BUC Office 004 
100055 Off to the Youth congress. Charles D Watson and Christine (Wood) Emmerson. Unknown BUC 004 
100594 Edward Mylrea. He and his wife were apparently charter members of the north London Church around 1890. Edward Mylrea was a master organ builder for Hill and Sons, "Royal Organ Builders to the Queen" Victoria. He was Westminster Abbey's chief organ tuner for 20 years as well as servicing the instruments in Buckingham Palace's St. James. He was present for Victoria's funeral and Edward VII's coronation. Stan Hudson is the great-grandson of Edward Mylrea. Unknown Stan Hudson Collection 54k  
100598 Pastor Oscar M Dorland, former president in the NEC, SEC, IM and WM.  Unknown Victor Hulbert collection 28k
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