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100379 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 20k  
100380 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 16k  
100381 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 22k  
100382 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 23k  
100383 Part of a series of ten scans of the Newbold College 1945 Graduation Handbook, entitled "To Herald the Dawn". 1945 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 28k  
100156 Ken Lacey. 1945 Rugby Evangelistic handbill. "Chaos or Cure".
Attendance at these meetings held in the Brotherhood House, Rugby, was around 100. Fifteen were baptised at the end of the series.  
1945 Stephen Lacey - private collection 101k
100505 Stanborough Park football team. 1945 E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 105k
100506 Caption reads: "Married v Single", Stanborough Park Football team. Front Row: Dr Dunnett, Bill Griffiths, Eddie White, H Benwell. Second Row: C Richter. Back Row: E Trace, E Watson, Alf Dutton, J Willis, ? , G Coombs. 1945 E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 95k
100219 Dr John A Hyde and Mrs Myrtle Hyde (nee Richter), February 1946. After their honeymoon they sailed for West Africa, where John undertook medical missionary work in Nigeria and Ghana.  1946 Dr Leslie A Williams - private collection 41k
100018 Masterguides. Front row from left: Dorothy (Tew) Toussirot, Ron Combs ?, Barbara Leigh, Mrs Mariner, Monica (Rowe) Norman, Norman Tew, Dorothy Tew (mother of Norman). Back row from left: ? , ? , ? , ? , Charles Tew (father of Nornam), Miram Henley.  1946 Adina Marriner - private collection   
100624 Information received from Pastor Len Lane, December 2009: Left to right: W W Armstrong, Paul MBoya, E B Phillips, L E A Lane, W T Bartlett and E R Warland. Four of these missionaries went out to the Nyanza province of Western Kenya in the early years after the First World War. L E A Lane had already gone there before the war. Paul was the Lane's cook, but then, as my mother states, "After we left Kenya, Paul was made chief by the Government and later ... was given a Government job, becoming quite well known. He was part of a Kenyan delegation to attend George V's Jubilee in 1936." Just after the Second World War he visited Britain again at the time of the 1947 Newbold Graduation, at which time this photo was taken. This photo and information is from Leonard A D Lane, the son of L E A Lane.  1947 Len Lane Collection 64k
100392 Leigham Manor, Devon. Camp. Pastor E L Minchin. 1947 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 145k
100393 Wedding of Ken Vine and Betty Jacques. 29 July 1947. Left to right: Ursula Vine (later Hubbard), Brian Jacques, Ken Vine, Betty Jacques (Vine), Myrtle Cooper, Maureen Madgwick. 1947 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 74k
100395 Mustard family. Left to right: Pastor Mustard, Andrew, Mrs Mustard (nee Hyde), Duncan. Christmas 1947. 1947 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 85k
100141 MV Senior's Holiday Camp at Cayton Bay, Scarborough, August 15 - 22nd 1947. 4th from the left back row Jack Mahon. Front row center: Mrs Warland, to the right Pastor E L Minchin. Margaret Warland is behind her mother and to the left slightly. This picuture belongs to Marilyn Jerome's cousin, Barbara Hall (nee Palmer). Front L - R Ron Darbyshire, Bob Handysides, Mrs Handysides, Ivy Clark, irene Himsworkth Mrs Warland, E. L. Minchin, Jenny Handysides, T.J. Bradley, Olive Bradley, Jean? (Scottish Bible worker). At random: Maureen and Wilf Huse, Peter Lowe, George Crutchfield, Hazel Maudsley, Ursula Rhodes, George Bramwell, Nancy Ritson, Myrtle Cooper, John Hunt , Margaret Swain, Joan Witchell, Zoe Saxby, Peggy Appleyard, Nacy Ogle, Peter Cooper, Constance Belton, Maisie Beavon, Ursula Rhodes, Frank McGoldrick, Noreen Young, Priscilla McGoldrick (nee Knapman), Bill Lennox. Second from the left on the second row from the back: Maimu Veedler nee Elves (came from Estonia to England during the war time and gave this picture to Barbara Hall). Front row of children, sitting on the ground: on the extreme right is Daisy McGoldrick (now Daisy Havard), and next to her is John McGoldrick, looking at his mother Priscilla. 1947 Marilyn Jerome - private collection 99k
100481 Newbold College 1947. Front row: ? , ? , ? , Eddie Foster, Ernest B Phillips, E E White, Ernest Martyr, ?, John Dunnett, ? , ? , ? . Standing behind E B Phillips is his daughter Rachel Phillips (later Surridge). Higher resolution available. 1947 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 93k
100499 British Union Ministerial Council, 8-16 July 1947. Photograph taken on Stanborough Park. Exceptionally high quality. Two higher resolution versions available. Note that bucmincouncil1947e.JPG is 5.4 Mb and will therefore take a very long time to download on slow connections. 1947 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 75k
100035 Junior Camp, Leigham Manor, Devon. All left to right, from the back to the front.
8th row: Norman Tew, May Dando (Benefield), Victor Benefield.
7th row: Pastor Paul Cumings, Mr Parry, Leona Minchin, Valmae Minchin, E Haynes, B Palmer, W Caley, A Millest.
6th row: Charlie Tew, Pat Gatland, P Lane, B Seeley, W Hesse, R Kinnersley, D Bevan, J Bonney, .., D Cook, ? Foskett, H Ginbey, R Benton, D Krause, N Gulley.
5th row: ? Vesey, P Bone, .. E Bartter, C Phillips, .., G Sweet, D Gough, R Chandler, R Aikenhead, .. , Valerie Cook, .. , M Palmer.
4th row: Margaret Rosier, Ken Rosier, .. , M Barham, B Shaw, .. , M Coombe, Ann Westley, .. , Sonia Bevan, .. , R Vesey, P Uffindell, P Bonney, .. , Brian Lemin, .. , T Proudley.
3rd row: .. , Susan Cooke, Alan Thompson, .. , B Gulley, .. , S Uffindell, C Vesey, .. , John Rich, G Willoughby, Rex Riches, M Rich, .. , Mary Sanders (later Blackburn), Margaret Sanders (later Lowe).
2nd row: Connie Richards, .. , Mrs Catts, Mrs Welch, Ken Gammon, Mrs Tew, H T Johnson (SEC Youth Director), Mrs Johnson, Clifford T Bannister, Mrs Bannister, M Liney, John Cavin, Joyce Needham, John Bevan, A C Vine.
Front row: .. , V Watson, .. , J Youlden, .. , O Ashman, Robin Riches, Wendy Stokes, Paul Bonney, C Catts, Mark Cummings, ..
Others: Connie Target?, Muriel Christiensen, Kevin Minchin?, Rita Newell.
The following information comes from Dr Ron and Mrs Elaine (nee Bunker) Emmerson:
"Leigham Manor was owned by the Bunker family, as were several other properties by the River Plym at Marsh Mills, now part of Plymouth. Leigham was set in 30 acres with prime pasture and fishing rights. It also had two adjoining small cottages that were used for a gardener and a caretaker, and a lodge at the entrance to the drive from Forder Valley Road. The drive was lined with beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas and there was also a tennis court. It was given for the use of the South England Conference for its Youth Camp in 1947. Several romances started at Leigham Manor that summer ending in marriage. One was that of Dr and Mrs A Jackson (Mrs Jackson - formerly Hilary Mason). The Bunker families were all members of the Plymouth church. The Admiralty rented Leigham Manor as a hospital during the war years, and it was run by naval nursing staff. Leigham Manor lodge was let to an Adventist family called Whiting during this period. After the war Leigham Manor was sold to an engineering firm, Tecalemit, who had built a factory in the valley. They converted Leigham Manor into flats for their executives. We understand it was later sold to a developer when Tecalemit moved to Estover, another part of Plymouth. The other properties were compulsorily purchased by the Plymouth City Council of the time after the war, with the intention of big industrial development and riverside walks etc in the area. This however, to our knowledge, has never taken place to this day! The Bunker families moved to Tavistock in 1949 where the new generation grew up, including Elaine and her sister Elizabeth, who were Glen's children, and their four cousins, Eric and Ken's children. The Whiting family who were in Leigham Manor lodge were rehoused in the lodge at Tavistock for several years." 
1947 BUC Office 002 
100572 Pastor Walter and Mrs Myrtle Newman with children David and Gillian. January 1947. 1947 Mike Lewis Collection 61k
100597 Cayton Bay Junior Camp 1947. Higher resolutions available. 1947 Unknown 110k
100092 Newbold College staff and students. Don Lowe, David Lowe, Ernest Logan, Doreen Surridge, Rachel Phillips. Front row includes: E H Foster, E B Phillips, Ernest Martyr, John Dunnett. 1947 R Surridge - private collection 153k
100057 W G C Murdoch. William - known as Billy Murdoch. He was Principal of Newbold College. 1947? BUC 004 
100482 Newbold College 1948. Front row left to right: ? , ? , ? , ? , E H Foster, E B Phillips, ?, ?, E Martyr, ?, John Dunnett, ? , ? , ?. Higher resolution available. 1948 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 80k
100552 Caption on the back reads: "With much love and good wishes for 1948 from Douglas, Rita and Philip." Then, in different pen, "Brailsford" and finally in original pen, "(Philip at 1 mnth)" 1948 Derald and Romy Barham Collection 50k
100044 Youth Congress. Watford Town Hall 1948 BUC Office 002 
100045 E L Minchin speaking at Youth Congress in Watford Town Hall. Others possibly identified: Top row right: Ann Westly. Next row: Christine Emmerson, Zena Cook. 1948 BUC Office 002 
100578 Possibly a lecture in Moor Close. Back of photo reads "1948". 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 59k
100579 Probably a class in Moor Close, Newbold. Back of photo reads 1948. 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 59k
100581 Probably a class in Moor Close, Newbold. Back of photo reads "1948". 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 52k
100584 Class in Moor Close, Newbold. 1948. 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 44k
100585 Class in Moor Close, Newbold. 1948. 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 

100586 Group standing outside of Moor Close at Newbold, 1948 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 58k
100587 Three people on Moor Close steps, Newbold. 1948. 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 61k
100588 Large group standing outside of Moor Close, Newbold. 1948. Also available at higher resolution. 1948 Mike Lewis Collection 71k
100090 Newbold College Staff and Students.
Front row (left to right): Nellie Cumden, Ruth Richardson, Mr Jean Bouzenet?, Dr Phillip Schuil, Pastor Eddie Foster, Pastor Ernest Bernard Phillips, Pastor Madgwick, Mr Thompson, Pastor Ernest Martyr, Cyril Futcher, Pastor John Dunnett, Herbert Crocker, Myrtle Dorland, Miss Throssell.
Second row: Mrs Schuil, Alice Phillips (nee Gordon), Isabel Madgwick, Mrs Thompson, Pastor David Dobson, Derek Mustow, Jean Smith (later Mrs Len Lane), Dick Syme, Ruth Uffindell (later Mrs Ivan Abbot), Len Lane, Alfred Farthing?, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Futcher, Mrs Mabel Dunnett, Mrs Crocker.
Third row: Vera Howard (later Mrs Amos Cooper), Betty Robertson, Beryl Trimmer (later Mrs Gordon Madgwick), Irwyn Rees (later Sawtell), Edna Gay (later Mrs Ronald Brett), Betty??, ?, ?, Shirley Laws (later Mrs Ken Davey), ?, Edith Griffiths, Jean Cooper (later Mrs Roy Graham), Edith ? (later Mrs Gerald Norman), ?, Margaret Emm, Sylvia Dunlop (later Mrs Amot Millward).
Fourth row: Peter Parker, ? (later Mrs W Madgwick), ?, Beryl ? (later Mrs Dennis Hall), ?, ?, Audrey Trafford (later Mrs Ernest Logan), Winnifred Durant, ?, ?, Joan Hardy?, ?, Maide Tissot, ? Tissot, Joy Howard (later Mrs Bob Smart), ?, ? (later Mrs Ted Vick), ?, David Lowe.
Fifth row: Don Lowe, Joan Moore (later Mrs Peter Parker), ?, Betty Ponder (later Mrs Arthur Cooper), Dorothy Pilmoor, Nina Roe (later Mrs Douglas Logan), ?, Zoe Saxby, Ella Peacock (later Mrs Eric Norman).
Sixth row: Ivan Abbot, Brian Pilmoor, Donald Chesters, Robert Smart, Douglas Logan, Ernest Logan, Jack Mahon, Frank Wood, Ronald Sweet, Ernest Waring, ?, Dennis Hall, ? Madgwick, Ken Wood?, Alan Norman, Eric Norman.
Back row: ?, Bill Frazer, Gerald Norman, Ian Wolf, Ronald Surridge, Gordon Madgwick, Ken Clothier, Peter Beech, Victor Hall, Roy Graham, ?, Amos Cooper, Cyril Roe, Arthur Cooper, George Crutchfield, Ted Marshall, Rene Mouche?. 
1948 R Surridge - private collection 100k
100111 Unknown group of Junior MVs. Writing on the back says "Investiture". Probably used in a magazine: "L.B.10:12 - Dec 1949". 1949 BUC 005 
100394 Stanborough Park outing to Ruislip Lido, 1949. 1949 Ursula Hubbard - private collection 74k
100452 Aberdeen church children on Sabbath afternoon walk. Pastor Kenneth Lacey in back centre. 1949 Stephen Lacey - private collection 52k
100453 Aberdeen evangelistic team: Tony Timothy, Jean Cowan, Monica Lacey, Kenneth Lacey. 1949 Stephen Lacey - private collection 41k
100454 Dundee evangelistic team: Kenneth Lacey, Jean Cowan, Monica Lacey, Christine Hall and Victor Hall. 1950 Stephen Lacey - private collection 58k
100483 Newbold College 1950. Higher resolutions available. 1950 Clemency Mitchell - private collection 59k
100140 Young people from the Plymouth church on a day out at Hay Tor. Bottom left Brian Ball, to the right Martin Coombe, on his right Joyce Hulbert, Margaret Palmer (later Murray), June (or Valerie?) Jarvis, Barbara Palmer. Boy standing at back left could be Len Sisson?  1950? Marilyn Jerome - private collection 99k
100569 Nurses from the hydro. Left hand side: Norman Vesey, brother of Cyril. 1950? Cyril Vesey Collection 95k
100113 Investiture at the York church. Back row left to right: Eric Barker (colporteur); ? ; ? ; Rose Barker; ? ; John Barron ; Mrs Barker (mother of Eric) ; Charles Watson. Possibly also includes John or Danny Handisides? 1950s BUC 005 
100137 The two champion Ingatherers of the North of England, from the Newcastle Church. Left, Miss Jessie Weir. Right, Mrs Maisie Handysides (wife of Bob Handysides, sister in law of Pastor Dan Handysides). Maisie was a Night Sister at the Newcastle Hospital, then Ingathered by day. 1950s Marilyn Jerome - private collection 75k  
100238 Evangelist handbill. Speaker: Fred Pearse. Title: Amazing Sky Signs. Venue: Town Hall, West Bromwich. Date: Sunday November 30. 1950s Marilyn Jerome - private collection 56k  
100240 Evangelistic Handbill. Speaker: Fred Pearse. Title: The Stars and Europe's Future. Venue: Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. Date: Sunday November 14. 1950s Marilyn Jerome - private collection 74k  
100082 Norway Motor Camp group in front of bus. Front: C Emmerson, E Warland, .. , A Fr??, D lack, Z Cook, .. Back: J McIntyre, M Lowe, C D Watson, A Westley, .. , Barbara ?? , Marjorie Chatfield, Alistair Tucker, Ian ?? (looking down), .. , Basil Powell, Paul Belton, .. , Nigella Cooke, Nigel Clarke, Valerie Newberry, Harry Wilby, Philip Clay. 1950s BUC 004 
100136 Group of Pastors and Bible worker. Left to right: Pastor Ken Elias, Pastor Howard Parkin, Mrs Laura Nichols (nee Mason) (Bible worker), Jean Mitchell?, Betty Hanna, Pastor John West. Possibly in Sheffield, Newcastle, or London?  1950s early Marilyn Jerome - private collection 101k  
100102 Believed to be a Motor Camp group. 1950s? BUC 005 
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