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100530 Picture of Newbold Revel by A J Woodfield. From a photo by P.O.C.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 113k
100281 Portrait photos of Will and Hilda Raitt. The couple lived in Windmill Avenue, Kettering.  Stanley Maxwell - private collection 68k
100539 Mabel Howlett-Dunnett.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 38k
100540 Rhona Howlett-Cooper.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 40k
100541 Belle Madgwick-Maudsley.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 40k
100542 Jessie Carter-Orser.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 36k
100543 Faith Poley.  E E White Collection held by J Lorencin 41k
100298 Ravenswood.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 81k
100299   Stanborough Press - photographic archive 25k
100300   Stanborough Press - photographic archive 26k
100303 Caterham College. Medical Staff, May 1913. From left: Edith Crooks, William Kirkwood, Matron Bacon, Isobel Johnstone, Dr M E Olsen, Edda Schmidt, Nurse Hall, Carlson, Margaret Harrison.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 101k
100305 Peter Anderson and his evangelistic choir - London.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 71k
100308 William Ings.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 29k
100309 Crusade for Christ, London.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 106k
100313 Prisoners of War. The following information comes from a clipping from Messenger 23, 1977, entitled "They Stood For Principle", by R D Vine, editor. "Our historic pictures this time were supplied by Pastor Jack Howard, veteren Church administrator, now retired, and Brother Charles Meredith, retired maintenace engineer of the Stanborough Hydro, and son of the late W. H. Meredith, one-time president of the British Union Conference. All in the pictures are Dartmoor prisoners. All are SDAs. What went wrong? A Clue is the fact that it was wartime - about 1917. Hellenist classical scholar Sir Richard Livingstone (b. 1880), one-time president of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, noted with regret the plummeting standards of society. 'When I was young,' he wrote, 'there were still moral fences. Admittedly, they did not always prevent trespass; but at least we knew the fences were there. Since then, most of the fences have gone.' Certainly we are well aware of the general move away from the idea that moral standards can be regarded as permanent. We are in the age of siguationalism. It is claimed that the 'situation' determines what is right or wrong in human behaviour. The young men in our pictures - like their millions of fellow-Adventists - knew otherwise. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter what. World War I - ' The War to End Wars' - provided 'situations' which severely tested the moral stamina of Adventist young men who were conscripted into the Army. Admittedly, our country's military prospects seemed dismally bleak around 1917, so it was understandable that the moral scruples of conscientious objectors evoked hostility despite the fact that they were willing to engage in bomb disposal or sea-mine disposal or anything else to save life. Not tolerated was their moral objection to killing and - cause of greater contempt - their adherance to the Fourth Commandment by refusing to to do unnecessary work on the Sabbath, and also their refusal to load ammunition. Our young men preferred imprisonment to compromise. Hence our pictures - taken in the grounds of the famous prison in England's bleakest area - Devon's Dartmoor. They include well-known names. Many are still with us today. Incidentally, their stand for truth paved the way for an official by top authority of SDA principles. Identifications of the smaller group are (back row from left): Fred Cooper, Albert Pond, Walter Marson, Ron Andrews, Claude Blenco, ?, Rutherford. (Front row): Davies, ?, Jack Howard (later one of our most successful soul-winning evangelists), and Hector Bull (now a retired pastor in Watford but still involved in the Lord's service)."  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 59k
100331 Stanborough Male Choir.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 58k
100333 London Advent Mission Baptism.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 79k
100590 Original photo seems to be missing. No details.  Mike Lewis Collection 78k
100335 Stanborough Hydro.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 88k
100336 Homer Salisbury.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 31k
100337 J N Andrews.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 26k
100340 Staff of workers. Caterham Sanitarium.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 92k
100596 Pastor Oscar M Dorland, former president in the NEC, SEC, IM and WM.   Victor Hulbert collection 92k  
100344 Home of the Armstrongs in Ulceby, where Ellen G White conducted a Bible study. Poor quality.  Stanborough Press - photographic archive 60k
100551 Isaac Powell (1845 to 1915) and Elizabeth McAlister (1844 to 1895). Isaac Powell became a Seventh-day Adventist at a tent evangelistic meeting in Newport. These are the grandparents of Basil Powell and Eunice Sundquist, and the great-grandparents of James Huzzey and Derald Barham. Isaac and Elizabeth Powell had five children (that we know of): Lizzie Hopkins Thomas (married Herbert Tom Thomas around 1898 - but he died around April 1902), Emily (married W E Read), Alice (married Morgan Huzzey), Ellen (married Fred Draper), and Frank who was the father of John, Basil, Frances and Eunice. Lizzie and Herbert had a son, Frederick Herbert Thomas who married Florence Beatrice (nee Norris) Thomas in Watford on 2 December 1924. They left two weeks later for Kenya and served in Africa until June 1966. To this union were born four sons: Frederick George Thomas, Donald Herbert Thomas (died 27 June 2003), Kenneth Edwin Thomas and Mervyn Arnold Thomas.  1890s? Derald and Romy Barham Collection 67k
100544 This is the same picture as 100289, though in better condition. Also available at higher resolution including a 6Mb unmodified version with the filename buc00401.jpg. 1893 BUC Collection 106k
100289 Note: A better version of this photo is available on this site and has the id number: 100544. Information from back of photo and sheet of tracing paper on the front: Taken at the side of yard of 451 Holloway Road (Inter. Tract Soc) Holloway publishing house group photo, London c. 1893. Back row: W. Ritchie, H Walter Armstrong, M. Bacon, W. A. Spicer, J Howarth, Harry Armstrong, Mrs Adams. Middle row (Some confusion here. Back of photo says: Miss Phillips, Simpkin, E. J. Waggoner, W. W. Prescott, Mason, Alta Waggoner. However, tracing paper says: Miss Hetty Hurd, W W Prescott, E J Waggonner, H E Robinson, Father Mason, Miss Alta Waggoner (Mrs Harry Armstrong)) Front row: F. Pickwick, Miss Nellie Marsh, W. T. Bartlett, Miss Gertie (L?) Wright (Dr G Brown). 1893 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 91k
100310 Bath Conference, 1898. 1898 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 83k
100311 Bath, 1898. Judson Washburn, Edwin Harris, W H Meredith, Harry Champness. 1898 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 68k
100356 Kettering Sabbath School outing. 1899. 1899 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 97k
100230 William Henry Meredith seated and Judson S Washburn standing. 1900 approx Meredith family private collection 82k
100297 Information from handwritten text on the back of the photo: Outside Ravenswood, (first administrative centre for the Adventist Church in Britain), Shirley Road, Southampton. Famous pioneers: Front Row (from left): William Ings (the first Adventist Missionary to Britain, who in fact was a native of Dorset, from Southampton, who had emigrated to America), J W Gardner, S N Haskell (author of bestseller "Our Paradise Home"), and J N Loughborough. Back row (from left): Mrs W Ings, Mrs Jenny Thayer (Bible Instructor), Mrs J. W. Gardner, Delmer Loughborough (son of J N Loughborough, sent by the Americans to assist the work in Britain), Miss Loughborough (Mrs J J Ireland), Mrs (Mary?) Loughborough, and shyly tucked behind the porch support, H L Jones. 1900? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 85k
100312 Information from back of photo: Colporteur Institute, British Union, 1901. Sitting with bowler hat: BUC President O A Olsen. To left of Olsen (with long beard) Bro Gallaher (grandfather of Roger Gallaher of Press). Squatting, far right, W Wilkinson of Derby (now of rest home 1967) age 21.  1901 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 87k
100301 Clipping on the back of this photo from the Messenger (16/1978) as follows: STAR STUDY He is one of the great galaxy of denominational first-magnitude 'stars'. His name is memorialised by Newbold College's administrative building known as Salisbury Hall. He is Homer Russell Salisbury – pastor, professor, administrator, editor, missionary – pictured here with his wife, somewhere in London. We suspect it was the Manor Gardens College, North London; and the date would be about 1903. We are indebted to Miss Barbara Leigh of the British Union Conference offices for sending this picture. Prof. Salisbury began the British Church's college programme in 1901 with the opening of Duncombe Hall College – soon to be moved to the more convenient Manor Gardens. Prof. Salisbury was College principal for five years, was ordained in 1904, and appointed South England Conference president in 1905. He was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA; was secretary to W W Prescott, president of Battle Creek College; taught in Claremont Union College, South Africa; studied Hebrew in London; taught Hebrew and Church History in Battle Creek from 1897 to 1901 when, at the request of the General Conference, he came to London to establish our College programme here in Britain. Other important appointments followed until in 1913 he was appointed president of our Indian Union Mission. After attending the Autumn Council in Loma Linda in 1915, where he made earnest and eloquent appeals on behalf of India's millions, he sailed for India in the S S Persia from New York. World War I was then raging. His ship was torpedoed and sunk in the Mediterranean. Thus ended a life of dedicated and effective service. One of the passengers who was rescued reported seeing Brother Salisbury throw his life-belt to a struggling fellow passenger who had no belt. He was only forty-five. R D VINE, Editor, Messenger 16/78. 1903 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 62k
100012 Gertrude Horspool - born 1854. 1904 Adina Marriner - private collection 42k  
100014 Mr Horspool 1904 Adina Marriner - private collection 31k  
100304 On the back of this photo is an article by R D Vine (Press Editor), cut from the Messenger 17/18 1978: "The above is one of the earliest college group photos, it was taken at Manor Gardens, London, in 1904. In this centennial year it is appropriate that we record a visual reminder of the time when the Church's college programme extended to Britain. The college programme began in North London in January, 1902, at Duncombe Hall Missionary College (later named Duncombe Hall Training College) and was under the direction of Professor Homer R. Salisbury. The next year the college was moved to Holloway Hall, and from 1904 to 1907 it operated at Manor Gardens, near Holloway Hall. The picture was provided by Brother and Sister Percy and Margaret Bates of Welwyn Garden City - a husband and wife team who have served Central London for many years - he as elder; his wife chief deaconess and church clerk. Margaret is niece of 'the indomitable Dr. Gertrude Brown' who founded the Crieff Sanitarium, and recently passed away aged ninety-four. Prof. Salisbury and his wife are eighth and ninth from left on the second row. Seventh from the left is Prof. Herbert Camden Lacey, born in England in 1871. He served our Healdsburg College (U.S.A.) and Avondale College (Australia) and then the British College in 1904, teaching Bible, Greek and Hebrew. He was first president of Stanborough College (1907-1913) - predecessor of Newbold. To his right in the above picture is W. T. Bartlett (after whom Newbold's Bartlett Hall is named). Third from left is John Gillatt, later to become one of our most successful evangelists but who tragically died young early in the 1920s. At the far end of this same row, second from right, is Samuel Joyce - another great name in British Adventism. He was publishing leader for many years, and father of President Robert Joyce and Evangelist Sam Joyce (now in retirement in Miranda, California). The lady in the white blouse (seventh from right, third row) is Miss Ella Eastcott, who rendered life-long service as secretary first in the Southern European Division, then the Northern European Division. Aunt of Margaret who provided this picture, she died quite recently. On the back row, fourth from the right, is the beloved and erudite George D Keough whose name was used for Newbold's Keough House - the men's dormitory. Pastor Keough had an encyclopaedic knowledge of God's Word, and was fluent in Hebrew, Greek and Arabic - as well as English. With a beatific smile he used to say: 'When you feel least worthy of having your prayers answered, then is the time to pray most earnestly.'" 1904 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 162k
100231 Photo of the Meredith family, marked on the back Christmas 1905. Back row from the left: Tom Meredith (4), Will Bridges, Jane Bridges nee Meredith (3), William Henry Meredith (1), Charlotte Meredith nee Hale (2nd wife of WHM), George Meredith (5) and Job Meredith (7). Front row from the left: Llewellyn Meredith (2nd son of WHM), May Meredith (6), Sarah Meredith nee Vine (mum of WHM), Charles Henry Meredith (1st son of WHM), Doris Bridges (at front), Charles Meredith (2), Emily Meredith nee Holoway (wife of Tom Meredith) with Charles Lewis Meredith (her son, on her lap) and Florence (Queenie) Bridges. 1905 Meredith family private collection 48k
100023 Sheffield 1906 Adina Marriner - private collection 194k  
100352 On the back of the photo is this: "Official opening of the extention to Stanborough College in 1922". However this seems out of step with the fashions and there is a pencil note underneath saying, "Probably the dedication of the building when first bought". This would be in 1907 and seems more likely, especially when compared with the photo with ID=100317. Hand written information on the back of the photo: W T Bartlett in left doorway. Choir assembling on platform. Special VIP sitting on right of picture. An age of utter ernestness, seriousness, and sacrificial dedication. Part of the platform gave way just after the picture was taken. Picture was supplied by Pastor Bernard F Kinman. 1907 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 102k
100013 Gillatt Family 1907 Adina Marriner - private collection 74k  
100315 Pastor and Mrs Gillatt with their son John Gillatt. Same as photo 100013, but better quality. 1907 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 59k
100317 Stanborough Park opening, 1907. Picture taken from printed photo, therefore not of very high quality. 1907 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 78k
100341 Bath Seventh-day Adventist Church - outing to Portishead. 22 June 1908. 1908 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 134k
100015 Pastor E E Andross. President of the British Union Conference from 1905 to 1908. 1908? Adina Marriner - private collection 106k  
100571 E E Andross. President of the British Union Conference from 1905 to 1908. Also available at higher resolution. Looks like this photo has had some retouching work done on it. It is a section of a larger photo, also in this database. 1908? BUC Collection 63k
100316 E E Andross. President of the British Union Conference from 1905 to 1908. 1908? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 120k
100020 N J Marriner 1910 Adina Marriner - private collection 128k  
100320 Same as photo ID 100302. Information taken from back of photograph. "Worker Group at Stanborough Park, 1910 (?). Back row: G Nickells; J McAvoy; W Schaeffer (?); John Taylor; McDonnell; J. J. Jensen; ? ; M. E. Olsen; J. McClay, (NE Conf.Pres.); J. J. Gillatt (Midland Conf.Pres.); ? ; J. Halliday; Penrose (?)., Herman F. DeAth. Front row: Prof.H.R. Salisbury (Duncombe Hall College Principal); Prof. Camden Lacey (Principal, St.Park College); A.G. Daniells (G.C.President 1910-1922); M. N. Andross (BUC President); L. R. Conradi (European Division Pres.); W. H. Meredity (Welsh Mission Sup.m); M. A. Altman (Irish Mission Pres.); John Gillatt." 1910 Stanborough Press - photographic archive 105k
100302 Same as photo ID 100320. Information from back of photo: Back row (left to right): G Nickells, J McAvoy, Schaeffer ? (first husband of Mrs G W Baird, minister in Liverpool, died of scarlet fever), John Taylor, McDonnell, J T Jensen, M E Olsen (brother of Dr A B Olsen of Caterham Sanitarium), J McClay (North England Conference President), J J Gillatt (Midland Conference President), Unknown, J Halliday (aged 99 in 1973), Penrose?. Front row: Prof. H R Salisbury (Duncombe Hall College Principal), Professor Camden Lacey (Principal of Stanborough College later(?)), A G Daniells (GC President 1910-1922), M N Andross (British Union President), L R Conradi (European Division President), W H Meredith (Welsh Mission Sup), M A Altman (Irish Mission President), John Gillatt. Photograph location: Stanborough Park. 1910? Stanborough Press - photographic archive 97k
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